A letter in support of Annmarie Christensen

Dear Editor, My husband Michael and I would like to send out a note of appreciation to our Vermont state representative Annmarie Christensen. We had been trying very hard for months to get a Native American sweat lodge up and … Continued

A letter in support of Annmarie Christensen

Dear Editor, I am writing in support of the re-election of Rep. Annmarie Christensen to Vermont House, representing Weathersfield and Cavendish. She has made important contributions to strengthening our communities including voting for paid family leave and an increase in … Continued

FIWA all over the place

Dear Editor, Time after time, some perfectly reasonable and effective idea is shown to be popular among Americans when they are asked about it in the abstract: universal health care, higher taxes on people with higher income, regulations to protect … Continued

Endorsement of incumbent Annmarie Christensen

Dear Editor, I heartily endorse incumbent Annmarie Christensen for a second term as Vermont House representative for the towns of Weathersfield and Cavendish. Annmarie, a Vermont Press Bureau award winner, was an investigative reporter for many years. Her writing required … Continued

A letter of support for Annmarie Christensen

Dear Editor, As a longtime Weathersfield resident, I write in support of Annmarie Christensen’s campaign for re-election to the legislature to represent Weathersfield and Cavendish. I feel we are in very good hands with her as our representative and want … Continued

Why I will vote for Vermont Sate Sen. Alison Clarkson

Dear Editor, I will support and vote for Alison Clarkson for the Vermont Senate from Windsor County in the upcoming election Nov. 6 for really one main reason, I trust her. In all of the years she has represented Woodstock, … Continued

Vote on Election Day

Dear Editor, With the midterm elections fast approaching, it’s my great hope that everyone reading this letter will take the time to vote their choice for all the local, state, and federal seats that are at stake. We are fortunate … Continued

Annmarie Christensen for Weathersfield and Cavendish

Dear Editor, Rep. Annmarie Christensen, representing Weathersfield and Cavendish in the Vermont House, is running for re-election in November. Ms. Christensen has been active in promoting a number of policies that can benefit our community. These include voting for an … Continued

A letter in support of Annmarie Christensen

Dear Editor, We are writing in support of Annmarie Christensen, our Weathersfield/Cavendish representative, for re-election to the Vermont Legislature. Simply put, Annmarie has demonstrated that she has the time, energy, focus, connections, and experience to work towards accomplishing goals that … Continued

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