Senior Solution executive director resigns

Dear Editor, It is with deepest appreciation and regret that I announce that the Senior Solutions Board accepted the resignation of its executive director Carol Stamatakis. During her tenure as executive director of Senior Solutions, this organization grew in its … Continued

Trailblazers at Black River Independent School

Dear Editor, In some ways, I can hardly believe I am writing this letter. What began as a seed of an idea – opening a new school – often felt like an impossible dream. At times, it seemed like it … Continued

Op-ed: Our unsung heroes of democracy

As Vermonters we should be proud. The November General Election saw Vermonters voting in record numbers, exercising our civic duty both safely and securely during circumstances that are anything but ordinary. Much of the conversation nationally is focused on the … Continued

Don’t, or do, feed the bears

Dear Editor, Vermont, in case anybody hasn’t noticed, this year enacted the most definite environmental statement in the nation, decreeing that henceforth food scraps are no longer to be discarded with other refuse in what used to be called “dumps,” … Continued

A letter about the 2020 national, local elections

Dear Editor, Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamal Harris, also to our Representative to Congress Peter Welch, and to Gov. Phil Scott. Congratulations to our local and state representatives, Sen. Alice Nitka and Rep. Logan Nicoll, and … Continued

Keith Stern thanks voters

Dear Editor, I want to thank those of you who voted for me. This was a difficult year to challenge incumbent with the Covid factor making it difficult to campaign properly. Also there are now far too many people voting … Continued

Tom Bock reelected for third term, thanks voters

Dear Editor, I would like to thank the voters of Andover, Chester, Baltimore, and North Springfield for reelecting me to a third term to be your state representative in Montpelier. A sincere thank you for all your support. Also, I … Continued

John Arrison thanks Cavendish, Weathersfield voters

Dear Editor, Thank you to all who supported and voted for me Nov. 3. With that said, I wish to emphasize I will be representing all the citizens of Cavendish and Weathersfield. We may not always completely agree on some … Continued

Leslie Goldman thanks voters, support team

Dear Editor, I am very honored that the voters of Windham-3 have elected me to represent them in the Vermont House. The learning curve will be steep, but I will do my best to represent constituent voices and communicate back … Continued

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