Fraud Watch Network: Phone scams, Part II

It’s time to renew your car warranty! Want to consolidate your credit card debt with a lower interest rate? Want to get rid of pesky viruses on your computer? These are just a few of the “offers” received by almost … Continued

LTE: Douglas Friant on “Vermont Public”… what?

Dear Editor,   Bring back VPR – The new name “Vermont Public” has fallen flat with listeners, who question, “Vermont Public What?” The explanation from Vermont Public, presented in a flashy information piece is that “Public” is a noun and … Continued

Is the Russia-Ukraine War a threat to the global economy?

REGION – Before Russia stunned the world by invading Ukraine, it was widely believed that the economic ties formed through globalization would help promote peace. But the war is testing that assumption and drawing attention to the vulnerabilities in far-flung … Continued

LTE: Stu Lindberg announces his candidacy for Windsor-2

Dear Editor,   I am announcing my candidacy as an Independent for the Vermont House of Representatives to represent the Windsor-2 district and the towns of Baltimore, Cavendish, and Weathersfield. In the past decade, I have served my community in a … Continued

Fraud Watch Network: Summertime text scams

While most consumers experience scam robocalls daily, many also are seeing an increase in the number of scam texts arriving on smart cellular phones. Criminals use text messages as a way to conduct scams. A text message appears on a … Continued

Fraud Watch Network: Summertime phone scams

Summertime, and the scamming’s easy! The temperature rises; so does the volume of scam phone calls and text messages. Staying safe is challenging, but not complicated. Here are some tips for self-defense against phone scams: 1) Obtain a caller ID … Continued

LTE: Dennis Devereux on Chris Winters

Dear Editor,   I want to encourage the voters to support Chris Winters to become our next Secretary of State. He has worked within this office for many years, gaining valuable experience in all areas. During my twelve years on … Continued

Senior Solutions, July, 2022

Career opportunities at Senior Solutions There are few jobs more rewarding than helping others to lead healthy, productive lives as they grow older. That’s our mission at Senior Solutions, the Council on Aging for Southeastern Vermont. And we have several … Continued

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