A letter in response to Bruce Graham’s letter

Dear Editor, In an Aug. 29 letter, Mr. Bruce Graham says that “Whether human activity is making it more severe I cannot say. The ideology of the left finds an almost fanatic religious belief in the blame of humans for … Continued

Remembering 9/11 and crisis resources

Dear Editor, Twenty years ago, on Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, our lives changed forever as terrorists attacked the United States of America. It was a sobering day marked by the humanity, heroism, and grace that rose up throughout our … Continued

Saxtons River Family Market a success

Dear Editor, The Village Early Learning Center in Saxtons River would like to thank everyone who donated money, time, baked goods, and items to our first Family Market event. We also appreciate everyone’s spreading the word and coming out to … Continued

LTE: The Windham School

Dear Editor, Recently, small signs started popping up in Windham, the town that abuts the property where I live. The signs state: “Our Kids Need Opportunities.” Those placing and displaying the signs think that closing the local two-room elementary school … Continued

LTE: The power of collective thinking

Dear Editor, We need a solution to wake everybody up. The power of collective thinking is beyond what most can imagine. It can heal illness, unite people and nations, and turn the bad and the ugly into good. Collective thinking … Continued

LTE: From the Charlestown Beautification Coalition

Dear Editor, The Charlestown Beautification Coalition developed as a result of the dissolution of the Women’s Club. Members included representatives from the Charlestown Community Tree Committee, the Garden Club, and the Recreation Committee. In our first year, we developed a … Continued

LTE: Regarding Red Bridge Road in Ludlow

Dear Editor, We want to set the record straight. The Lake Rescue Association board is distressed and saddened by the contentious parking and lake access issues surrounding Red Bridge Road. These are issues between a few private homeowners and the … Continued

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