Gravity feed

The Patch Place on High Street circa the 1950s

What prompts me to write about gravity feed water was this sentence in my article last week, “Running into the shed she sat down in the tub, which was used to catch the running water…” I realize some might not … Continued

Town Meetin’

History of Chester's Fire Departments book cover.

Here are select minutes from 1870s Chester Town Meetings. For our upcoming book, “History of Chester’s Fire Departments” we will include these and other relevant minutes. This article existed in one form or another for several years. I think readers … Continued

Mystery solved

An 1860s photo of Chester station. Photo provided by Gramp Spaulding

Here is the history of the Chester Depot railroad station as I know it. When that first little engine from Bellows Falls arrived in the Depot in July of 1849, a crowd of dignitaries and spectators had gathered. Robert “Bob” … Continued

Carp says…

Carp's sketch with the bank story. Photo provided Chester Historical Society

Carpenter’s was a clothing store where Meditrina is today. Here is an article from the April 1934 Carpenter’s Store News. “THE TAX SITCH-ER-ATION AT LAST TOWN MEETING. “Moderator: We will now take up Art. 15. The question is – shall … Continued

Odds & ends

The Cheese factory on North Street. Photo provided by Chester Historical Society

What I call odds & ends are little tidbits of history that by themselves don’t make a story. Here are a few of those tidbits. The Chester Advertiser was a newspaper published in Chester by A.N. Chandler. The historical society … Continued

Going to town

1891 New year's Eve Yo-Semite dance card

Here in the country, dances were our entertainment from the mid-1800s well into the 1900s. In those days most every fraternal organization held dances. Fire departments, Masons, Odd Fellows, and others held dances. Many rural families played music together. Mom … Continued

Yo-Semite history

The earliest known Yo-Semite badge in existence, circa 1870s

Here is a 1956 article written by Ed Kendall for the Springfield Reporter. It will be included in our “History of Chester’s Fire Departments.” “Old Yosemite pumper fought many a fire. In Pember Hazen’s barn at Chester Depot in some forgotten … Continued

Rod & Gun Club history

The 1950 Chester Rod & Gun Club pin

Here are minutes from a 1954 to 1965 Chester Rod & Gun secretary’s book in my collection. These were different times. Dues were $1 per year. Game suppers were $1.50 adults and $0.75 for kids. Land could be bought for … Continued

Vermont humor

May 1924 Carpenter's Store News.

Below is a front page article from the May 1924 Carpenter’s Store News. “Carp,” as he was known, wrote stories under a number of pseudonyms: B.V.D., Jack, Diogenes, Heinie, and others. Carp’s hyperbolic sense of humor was enhanced with his … Continued

Eugene R. Wiggins fire

Ed Spaulding at Cobleigh Field with Yo-Semite hand-pumper. Wiggins barn can be seen on the right circa 1923. Photo provided by Ted Spaulding

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the 1888 fire that destroyed the Central Hotel and Chester Drug Store. In the accompanying photo I drew your attention to Orrick Ball’s livery stable. I pointed out its classic New England rooflines. … Continued

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