Cooking with rhubarb

Kim's 55-year-old rhubarb patch.

Like lilacs, many older homes have a clump or two of rhubarb. Last week, I visited my friend and classmate Kim Kendall. We sat in his barn several feet apart discussing life. No politics. We got to talking about rhubarb … Continued

Robbins & Marsh


The Chester Historical Society has just purchased an important antique sign. It’s the sign for “Robbins & Marsh.” Philemon H. Robbins built what we know today as Cummings Hardware in 1858. Below is history from the 2011 History of Chester … Continued

Chester reservoir


At the Chester Historical Society, we have a 1915 photo of men building the upper reservoir. Prior to this 1915 reservoir, there was a smaller reservoir below. I believe the first reservoir was located about where the current concrete, domed … Continued

Old sayings

Two-inch diameter onionskin marble

Vermont of 100 years ago was a much different world than what we have today. Everyone knew everyone in their town. Many were related by birth or marriage. These old Vermonters often overlooked another Vermonter’s transgressions. In many cases we … Continued

Abel Putnam Jr.

Abel Putnam Jr. Saratoga Springs stock certificate.

I wrote an article a couple years ago about Abel Putnam Jr. of Chester. Putnam was an inventor of a new style Civil War button. That article is included in my new book, “Local History Vol 2.” Below is a … Continued

Introducing Russ Warner

Russ Warner

Russ Warner was born in Andover in 1834. He died in Ludlow in 1909. The photo with this article is Russ Warner and was taken circa 1908. It is from Ted Spaulding. This photo is a close-up from a larger … Continued

The Baked Bean Belt

Carpenter's car in front of Hugging Bear Inn promoting Ball-Band Rubbers.

Below is a March 1925 Carpenter’s Store newspaper clipping from Mary Harris’s scrapbook. In the 1920s Carpenter’s Store published a small newspaper. Carpenter’s was located where Meditrina Wine & Cheese is today. “Teacup Sherman” was Tecumseh Sherman, an American Indian. … Continued

Vermont justice

The Lovely place today on Ted's property.

It’s probably 20 years since Hessie told me a story about Ernie Duprey. When I was a kid, Ernie lived where the brick bank is today on Main Street in Chester. I remember walking by his house. He always had … Continued

Hardscrabble living

Hannah Driffell in front of her mining hut in Colorado.

In the past I’ve written some about antique photography. The subject of this article is the “Stereo-view.” A “stereo,” as we call them in the trade, is two identical photos side by side and mounted on a stiff cardboard mount. … Continued

The inventor

Robert and Lewis Wilkinson

As we’ve sorted and archived Ted Spaulding’s collection of Chester artifacts, we’ve made some interesting discoveries. Below is an example.   Franklin Wilkinson Franklin Wilkinson was a close friend of Ted’s grandfather, William Ryland “W.R.” Spaulding. W.R. invested with Franklin’s … Continued

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