The Cold War

Little Ronnie Patch, age 5.

I began first grade at Chester Elementary School in 1957. My parents were typical Vermonters. My mother June came from a family of nine brothers and sisters. She only went as far as the eighth grade. She was an intelligent … Continued

Oral history

Weston baseball team circa 1902. Gale stands next to the man with straw hat.

Earlier this year, Ed Peck told me his son Pete wanted to listen to cassette tapes of an interview Gale Peck done in the 1980s for the Chester Historical Society. I wasn’t aware of the tapes so I disguised my … Continued

Grafton & Women’s Suffrage

Suffragists picket the White House

Below are two November 1911 Bellows Falls Times newspaper clippings I found pasted in a scrapbook kept by Mary Harris. Mary lived in the home that today is Bill Dakin’s law office. Many will know of the women’s suffrage movement. … Continued

Book update

The gang at work

  The Chester Historical Society will publish a new book next spring. The title is “History of Chester’s Fire Departments.” Our collection of firefighting artifacts is substantial. In the old days, Chester had two fire departments. On School Street was … Continued

The Skinner place

Skinner Place

The photo with this article is the Skinner place on Dodge Road in Popple Dungeon. Virginia Blake Clark wrote much about this farm in her book, “The Source: Popple Dungeon, Vermont.” “The Skinner family was on the farm by 1855 … Continued

Chester’s big day

Presentation label from Maj Childs to Whiting Library.

Below is an article I found in the April 1914 Carpenter’s Store News. CHESTER’S FIRST RAILROAD TRAIN   “Opening July 18, 1849, of the Champlain and Connecticut River Railroad, Bellows Falls to Gassetts. A Gala Day. A Great and Enthusiastic … Continued

Fullerton Hotel 100 years ago


In the March 1920 Carpenter’s Store News I found some news regarding building the new Fullerton Inn we have today. The current Fullerton replaced the previous hotel destroyed by fire Jan. 18, 1920. The photo with this article is the … Continued

Wildlife behavior

wildlife behavior

Below are a couple examples of wildlife behavior that I have witnessed over the years. You might enjoy learning these little tidbits.   Drunken deer It was about three weeks ago when I saw four deer under an apple tree … Continued

Village Fire Department

Village Fire

Below is some history of the village of Chester’s School Street Fire Department. It is from Carpenter’s Store News dated April 1917. Chester used to be two entities, the village of Chester and the town of Chester. The town of … Continued

Water polo


Recently, Danny Clemons bought an interesting real photo postcard. It’s a view of a band and Yosemite firemen parading up Depot Hill. Danny and I collect Chester cards. Neither of us recalled seeing this card before. So much for that, … Continued

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