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The best year for Ludlow area community garden!

The community works in the garden.
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    LUDLOW, Vt. – This has been a great year for the Ludlow Area Community Garden. With new members and increased enthusiasm of all participants, the Ludlow Area Community Garden now has all of its 50 plots growing a … Continued

Stolen kayaks

MOUNT HOLLY, Vt. – Two 10’ kayaks have been stolen from Tiny Beach at Lake Ninevah. The beach is a small beach beside the Ninevah boat launch. They are Pelican Brand Trailblazer 100 Angler Kayak-beige top with white bottom. SCAMPER … Continued

Sugarbush Ryder Cup

WARREN, Vt. – As the summer heats up, so too does the excitement over the upcoming Ryder Cup. While the media and professionals are focused on Hazeltine, our focus is on our own Sugarbush Ryder Cup to be held on … Continued

Sugarbush standings week 13

TEAM, PTS, Season Quota +/- Jones, L. / Maney, L. 27 8 Gauthier, V. / Rainville, N. 25.5 1 Palmisano, S. / Nooney, G. 25 7 Mooney, H. / Hampton, D. 24.5 -5.5 Babic, D. / Babic, T. 23.5 8.5 … Continued

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