Article Submissions

Press Releases: To contribute press releases, events and other local information email to or contact the editorial department at 802-228-3600. Contact information must be included. Deadline is Friday at 12 p.m. for the following Wednesday publication.

Contributors: Writers and photographers wanting to contribute local interest content and ideas are encouraged to contact KMA publications. Publication is not guaranteed unless specified.


Editorial Guidelines

Please submit your press releases and articles via email:
– Copy/Text should be sent as an email attachment saved as a Word Document, NOT in the body of the email message.
– If you have an image, please submit it as an attachment as a .jpeg file. Resolution should be at least 100 dpi for a quality image.

Once we have your documents, we edit for grammar, spelling, and general flow. As part of this exercise, we end up spending a lot of time reformatting most articles to remove extra line spaces, carriage returns, tabs, spaces, font attributes, etc.

Please help us by editing your own articles prior to sending them in to us:
– Do NOT use double spaces after a period. Use a SINGLE SPACE after punctuation at the end of a sentence.
– Do NOT indent or “tab” your paragraphs. A simple “return” works best.
– If you have an image, please provide information about who took the photo and a description of the photo.
– Check your punctuation and grammar!
– Place punctuation inside quotation marks. Example: “We’re proud to participate in this year’s event,” he said. “It benefits everyone.”
– Use your SPELL CHECK before submitting your article.

We set up EVERY article as follows:
Image: Betty cleaned the house.
Photo by Greg Smith

Title: Governor proposes new tax bill (Capitalize the first word and proper nouns only)
Contributing Writer

GRAFTON, Vt. – In Montpelier today, Governor…
Thanks for your help!
By editing and proof reading your own articles before sending them in to us, we can spend more time on things that will improve the overall quality of the paper.



Advertising Deadlines

KMA publications are published weekly. The pages are put together on Mondays and Tuesdays, published on Wednesdays, and in mailboxes on Thursdays.
Our deadlines are crucial to get your articles and ads in on time. 

Display Advertising:
New Ad – Due by Friday @ Noon
Pick Up with Changes – Due by Friday @ 3 pm
Pick Up – Due by Friday @ 5pm
Camera Ready Space Reservation – Due by Friday @ 5 pm
Camera Ready Ad – Due by Monday @ Noon

Classified Advertising:
New DISPLAY Ad – Due by Friday @ Noon
Pick Up with Changes – Due by Friday @ 3 pm
Pick Up – Due by Friday @ 5 pm

Classified Listing:
Classified LINE Item – Due by Friday @ 4 pm

Yellow Page Listing:
Listing – Due by Friday @ 5 pm

Website Advertising:
Please call or email for current rates, deadlines, sizing, and other information.
Phone: 802-228-3600 • Email: |



Display Ad Submissions

*Please keep in mind that our ads are sized by the column inch.

Ads can be submitted to We can build an ad for you, or you can submit a camera ready ad that we place in our papers.

Classified / Legal Notices / Real Estate / Automotive / Business Spotlight:
Classified Box/Display ads run on a 7 column page, (each column 1.714 in wide) x Inches tall (rounded to the nearest half inch.)

All Regular Advertisements – Entertainment / Dining / Retail / Other Business Ads):
Regular ads run on a 6 column page, (each column 2.025 in wide) x Inches tall (rounded to the nearest half inch.) You build it and sent it to us, or we can build one for you!

Ad Sizing:
6 Column Page    |    Width in Inches    |    7 Column Page    |    Width in Inches
1 Column                    2.025″                        1 Column                    1.714″
2 Columns                  4.2195″                        2 Columns                  3.595″
3 Columns                  6.4139″                        3 Columns                  5.476″
4 Columns                  8.6083″                      4 Columns                  7.357″
5 Columns                 10.8028″                     5 Columns                  9.238″
6 Columns                 12.997″                       6 Columns                  11.119″
—————–        —————–                          7 Columns                  12.997″


Classified Line Ad Submissions

Classified ads run in a column that is 1.714 inches wide. This is a line listing that will be in our Classifieds Section.

We have a MINIMUM 4 line / $20 fee. There is an additional charge of $0.50 for each word thereafter.

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