1934 Chester


Below is a story written by L.A. Carpenter from the June 1934 Carpenter’s Store News. Lucius Allen Carpenter answered to Carp or Al. After his story, I will identify most of the people he mentions. Carp describes a very peaceful … Continued

Carpenter’s Store News


The article below is from the August 1934 Carpenter’s Store News. Carpenter’s Store News was published by L.A. Carpenter monthly for decades. Carpenter’s store was located where Meditrina is today. During the Depression, these papers became mimeographed 8.5 by 11 … Continued

Days gone by

Booth's Harness Shop circa 1910. Photo provided by Chester Historical Society

Below is an article, I found in Carpenter’s Store News. The author is unknown. Carpenter’s News was a small paper advertising specials the store offered. At the Chester Historical Society, we have a collection of Carpenter’s News from 1912 to … Continued

Railroad covered bridges


Below are three entries from the Yo-Semite Firehouse ledger belonging to the Chester Historical Society. Tom Hildreth was helpful ferreting out information for this article. Tom reached out to the Rutland Railroad Historical Society for information. Tom learned very few … Continued

The raven


This past Thursday about 6:30 p.m., I was sitting on my sofa watching Channel 3 News. I noticed through the skylight a black object near my barn. I got up to see it was a large raven. I see ravens … Continued

The Beast

Coal furnace showing octopus arms

When I was little, maybe 4 or 5 years old, I imagined monsters living under my bed. But the real monster lived in our dimly lit, dirt floor cellar. The foundation walls of the cellar were laid-up stone. In the … Continued

A proud Vermonter


Below is a 1900 newspaper clipping I found in a scrapbook kept by Mary Harris. This clipping struck a nerve with me. I imagine it troubled Mary as well, or she wouldn’t have saved it. For as long as I … Continued

Cooking with rhubarb

Kim's 55-year-old rhubarb patch.

Like lilacs, many older homes have a clump or two of rhubarb. Last week, I visited my friend and classmate Kim Kendall. We sat in his barn several feet apart discussing life. No politics. We got to talking about rhubarb … Continued

Robbins & Marsh


The Chester Historical Society has just purchased an important antique sign. It’s the sign for “Robbins & Marsh.” Philemon H. Robbins built what we know today as Cummings Hardware in 1858. Below is history from the 2011 History of Chester … Continued

Chester reservoir


At the Chester Historical Society, we have a 1915 photo of men building the upper reservoir. Prior to this 1915 reservoir, there was a smaller reservoir below. I believe the first reservoir was located about where the current concrete, domed … Continued

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