Wild brook trout

Well, trout season is here. I’ll wait until the water warms up, maybe another two weeks, before I go. I have spoken with a couple fishermen I know. They report some success.   Small brooks and beaver ponds There are … Continued

The Chester Students’ Miscellany

Below is from the May 1, 1854, The Chester Students’ Miscellany newspaper. It was published by Chester Academy students. This is Route 35. In part, it reads:   “The Gulf “…But it was not our object to describe all of … Continued

Okemo Outlook

Okemo Outlook. Notice the tower. Photo provided by Ron Patch

Over the years I’ve collected any Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.) items I came across. The photo with this article is the masthead from a weekly Okemo Outlook newspaper. These are simple mimeograph pages with amateur hand-drawn ads, for Ludlow and … Continued

School District Number 1

I have an early ledger of interest. It begins in 1796, and ends in 1852. The cover is covered with dark blue wallpaper, with a white scroll pattern and black polka dots. Wallpaper at this time was an expensive wall … Continued

Things to ponder

Sometimes, my deadline to send in my weekly article sneaks up on me. Suddenly I can think of nothing to write about. So here you are.   Fishing April is here. It won’t be long before Danny and I go … Continued

The old way

I live in a different world than most people. I remember in high school the teacher asked us seniors what we wanted to do when we left school. You can imagine many of the answers: college, marriage, riding a motorcycle … Continued

Sap buckets

Linda Downing and I used to do a lot of hiking and snowshoeing up behind my place. Linda had a black lab, Mick. I had Hillary, a beagle-shepherd mix. The dogs got along well, Hillary the dominant. Over the years, … Continued

Some Beers Atlas history

Many readers will be familiar with the 1869 Beers County Atlases. The original atlases are scarce today, and have a greenish tan cover. In the originals, all towns are printed in color. See photo with this article. In 1969, they … Continued

Good luck

The photo with this article is a keyring good luck piece. Many will remember these. They were an inexpensive giveaway for businesses in the 1950s and 60s. Today it’s refrigerator magnets. They are made of aluminum, and made in the … Continued

The old days

I love stories of the old days. In the troubled world I find myself living in, these stories provide an escape. It is always a letdown to read the last page of a book you really enjoyed. Turning each page … Continued

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