Cowboys and horses


Below are two short stories. The first story is about Louis Marshall, a Bartonsville native and famous cowboy. It’s an unsigned letter written to Mr. Buell, a columnist for the Hartford Courant. It is copied here as written. The second … Continued

Screening “Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie”


S. LONDONDERRY, Vt. – The Weston Historical Society, Londonderry Arts and Historical Society, and the Friends of the West River Trail are combining resources to present the six chapters of “The Vermont Movie,” the first-ever documentary series about Vermont. The … Continued

National Bank of Chester

National Bank

When I was without power a while back, I used the daylight hours to sort and catalogue letters and documents in my collection. Doing so, I discovered a large number of cancelled checks. All are from two individuals. One group … Continued

Cold days and the CCC

cold days

Below is a story written by Philip Tiemann of Cavendish. You may recall previous stories written by Tiemann. Philip and his wife Isabel had just moved from the city to Cavendish in 1933 knowing nothing about country life. This story … Continued

Early Christmas memories


Below are childhood Christmas memories from friends of mine.   Tom Hildreth Tom Hildreth grew up in Holyoke, Mass. Tom’s father was a Merchant Marine and was often at sea and therefore Tom didn’t see a lot of his father … Continued

A current affair


First Night Well, we’ve had our first major power outage. Where I live, I have lost power in past years for as long as three days. This time I was only without power for two and a half days. A … Continued

Limited letterpress print of Whiting Library


CHESTER, Vt. – Whiting Library is pleased to offer a limited edition letterpress print of the Whiting Library. The image used for the print is from a plate in the library’s archive dating to around 1900. The original engraved plate … Continued

The Gill Odd Fellows Home


Below is history of the Gill Home that I found in an 1899 Vermont Tribune. I found it in a special souvenir supplement to the Vermont Tribune newspaper. I should explain about Mr. Gill being a dyer and what that … Continued

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