The Superhighway

In the late 1950s we began hearing rumors about a Superhighway. I am, of course, referring to Interstate 91. Prior to I-91, Vermont was isolated from the rest of New England. U.S. Route 5 followed the Connecticut River from the … Continued

Local History: Deal me in

I think most readers know I collect Vermont antiques. Years ago I used to see decks of playing cards with Vermont scenes. Today they are seldom seen. They date to 1910. Printed on the front of the card box is … Continued

Local History: Benedict Arnold buried in Chester

The Arnold Family burial ground. Photo by Ron Patch.

Yup. As I was told, a headless Benedict Arnold is buried up in Popple Dungeon. Who knew? Occasionally, I’m contacted by someone asking what I know about this or that. A while back I was contacted by a letter carrier … Continued

Local History: Man’s best friend

Beagle. Isn't she beautiful? Photo by Ron Patch

For those who have dogs, or those who have had dogs, I write this article. Growing up, we always had dogs. My earliest memory is a Great Dane named Baron. We kept a beagle or two for hunting. Jill, a … Continued

Local History: Vermont political history

Ralph Flanders' Vermont flag. Photo by Ron Patch

I have bought, sold, and collected historical documents and artifacts for 50 years. Many antiques dealers and collectors throughout New England know this. They sometimes contact me when they have an item of interest. Last week, I was offered a … Continued

Local History: Calendar correction

The 405 with Vermont Minerals in the background that burned in 1955. Photo provided by Chester Historical Society

The 2022 Chester Historical Society calendars are now available. They are for sale at Erskine’s, Salon 2000, Stone House Antiques Center, Chester Hardware, Smitty’s, Blair Books & More, and The Framery of Vermont. No one likes to admit a mistake, … Continued

Local History: Thanksgiving memories

1908 Tuck's Thanksgiving postcard. Photo provided

Well here we are again, Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. When I was growing up, there were five of us kids and Ma and Dad. Our dining room table could easily seat six people, but at Thanksgiving there were always guests … Continued

Local History: The Stewart place

Ron with his rifle and coyote. Photo provided

Being deer season I got to recalling some of my deer hunting experiences. I have some wonderful memories of hunting in Mount Holly and Shrewsbury with Dad and my brother Brian. The old Stewart place comes to mind. Along Mount … Continued

Local History: Chester Historical Society calendar

The first Catholic Church in Chester. Photo provided by Chester Historical Society

The 2022 Chester Historical Society calendars are here. The photo with this article is one of the photos included. They are available at Framery of Vermont, Salon 2000, Erskines, Smitty’s, Blair Books & More, Chester Hardware, and Stone House Antiques … Continued

Local History: The Yale Forest

Left to right Steve Michel, Craig Fortier, Bob Brandt, Dennis Devereux, Michele Brandt, and Maria Fortier. Photo by Ron Patch

Recently, I wrote about Belmont Cider Days. In that article I mentioned my father spending summers in Belmont when he was a boy with his grandfather, traveling the area together hunting and fishing. I also mentioned Dad taking me to … Continued

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