LTE: Thank you supporting my Jimmy Fund Walk

Carol MacLaury's 20th mile for the Jimmy Fund Walk in Weston. Photo provided

Dear Editor, Thank you again for your generous support of my participation in the 2021 Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk: Your Way presented by Hyundai. Although we were not able to walk the traditional course, the Jimmy Fund Walk community … Continued

LTE: A new Green Mountain mascot

Dear Editor, Mascots are symbolic figures adopted by a group to bring them good luck, to promote a sense of teamwork and unity, and to symbolize the attributes that the group aspires to. A stereotype is an oversimplified image or … Continued

LTE: Thank you for successful rummage sale

Dear Editor, What an amazing whirlwind weekend! On behalf of Black River Good Neighbor Services, our three-day, Gigantic Fall Rummage Sale at Fletcher Farm, back from a one-year hiatus, was a great success. Starting several weeks in advance, countless volunteers … Continued

LTE: Thank you Springfield School Board members

Dear Editor, I would like to sing my praises for the Springfield School Board and the Springfield School District administrators. Thursday evening there was a meeting to discuss the curriculum for the summer curriculum camp, and for the School Board … Continued

A letter in response to Bruce Graham’s letter

Dear Editor, In an Aug. 29 letter, Mr. Bruce Graham says that “Whether human activity is making it more severe I cannot say. The ideology of the left finds an almost fanatic religious belief in the blame of humans for … Continued

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