An open letter to Fish and Wildlife Board

Dear Chairman Biebel, I am writing on behalf of the Vermont chapter of Native Fish Coalition to provide comments about simplifying Vermont’s fishing regulations and protecting wild native brook trout. Native Fish Coalition is a nonpartisan, grassroots, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization … Continued

Teachers and state employees’ retirement funding

Dear Editor, I urge our state government not to support the current proposal, which would put the burden of the retirement shortfall on our teachers and state employees. The current teachers and state employees should be not responsible for the … Continued

Celebrating Vietnam veterans

Dear Editor, Senior Solutions salutes our Vietnam veterans. As we celebrate Vietnam Veterans Day March 29, Senior Solutions would like to take the opportunity to recognize their service to our country and to their communities. Veterans have a long and … Continued

Support smart transition to sustainable energy

Dear Editor, I appreciate Stuart Lindberg’s letter outlining a number of concerns about renewable energy. The points about use of “rare earth” minerals, child and slave labor are valid and not given enough attention. These same minerals are used in … Continued

A response to Stu Lindberg’s March 17 letter

Dear Editor, In his March 17 letter to The Vermont Journal, Mr. Stuart Lindberg sets the tone by referring to the transition to the Biden presidency as “regime change,” a term normally used for a military coup or similar takeover … Continued

Clarifying information on Planning Commission rewriting bylaws

Dear Editor, Due to some recent confusion surrounding the Chester Planning Commission’s work on rewriting the town’s Unified Development Bylaws, or UDBs, the commission feels that it’s important to provide clarity and insight to that process. The UDBs are being … Continued

A call for Rockingham to reject AV testing

Dear Editor, For over a year, the state of Vermont has been aggressively promoting their testing program for automated vehicles (AVs). State experts advise us that AVs on our public roads are slated to be an inevitable part of Vermont’s … Continued

How Vermont should use our Covid-relief funding

Dear Editor, Common sense does not need a court of law. It does not need a news anchor or a specialist. It only needs one person. My common sense tells me when the umpire has called strike three. It does … Continued

Thank you, Weathersfield voters!

Dear Editor, A sincere thank you to the voters of Weathersfield for visiting the polls and mailing ballots in support of the Fiscal Year 2022 School Budget. We are grateful for your commitment to invest in the future of our … Continued

A response to Stu Lindberg’s Feb. 24 letter

Dear Editor, I would like to refute Stuart Lindberg’s comments about the media and hate groups (The Shopper, Feb. 24, 2021). He claims the media perpetrates hysteria concerning the threat white nationalist and other hate groups pose to the country. … Continued

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