McCormack endorses David Zuckerman for governor

Dear Editor, I’ve worked well with both Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman and Gov. Phil Scott for years. I’m proud to have been a part of Vermont’s tri-partisan response to Covid-19. I like and respect both leaders. It is in this … Continued

Not-so-perfect apples

Dear Editor, Soon it will be time for apple picking in Vermont. And if we want good apples, for the best value, we should do some research ahead of time. Whether standing in front of a tree in an orchard … Continued

John Arrison, Democratic candidate for Vermont House

Dear Editor, I would like to introduce myself as the new Democratic candidate to represent Cavendish and Weathersfield in the Vermont House. I was born in Chester and have lived in Weathersfield since 1986. It has been my privilege to … Continued

Community newspapers and the 2020 census

Dear Editor, There has been considerable recent discussion about why Vermont’s response rate to the 2020 census form is so low. Several possible excuses have been floated, but one explanation is frequently overlooked when discussing why 43% of Vermonters have … Continued

Logan Nicoll, State Legislature reconvening

Dear Editor, And just like that, we are right back in the thick of things. It seems way too recent that I was writing how we had just adjourned, and now as I write this I’ve already had two days … Continued

Concerned about school reopenings? Another way to earn a diploma

Dear Editor, Vermont schools are preparing for September openings amid COVID-19. School administrators, in consultation with staff, families, and public health officials, have been working hard to reinvent our educational systems in ways that provide students with rich learning while … Continued

Thank you to all voters

Dear Editor, Thank you to all voters who voted in the Aug. 11, 2020 primary, exercising their right to vote. Special congratulations are in order to all those candidates who won their respected primaries. I look forward to meeting as … Continued

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