Op-Ed: Stop producing single-use plastic

  In order to support the young people who will be participating in the Global Climate Strike Sept. 20, I am sharing a letter written by a sixth grader at Mount Holly School discussing the use of single-use plastic. This … Continued

Op-Ed: Unfunded liabilities, Vermont’s sleeping giant

Every year, when budget writers in Montpelier begin their work – and legislators begin to determine what to spend – the backdrop of these conversations is marked by an unavoidable reality: Vermont has a serious problem with its unfunded liabilities. … Continued

Op-Ed: John Mitchell on regulatory harassment

My very good friend John M. Mitchell died at 80 March 28 in Rutland. He was the CEO of Swiss-owned OMYA’s North American operations, managed from Proctor, until his retirement in 2000, and a founding director of the Ethan Allen … Continued

Op-Ed: Eight things to know about Lyme disease in Vermont

Many Vermonters are not aware that Vermont is number two in the U.S. for incidence of Lyme disease. According to the Vermont Department of Health, cases of other tick-borne diseases such as Babesiosis and Anaplasmosis are also steadily increasing in … Continued

Op-Ed: Improving mental health for older Vermonters saves lives

May 20 marks National Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Day, creating an opportunity to raise recognition in our communities around the importance of supporting older Vermonters in maintaining good mental health. Twenty years ago, a one-year experiment concluded, and it … Continued

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