Op-Ed: Governor Phil Scott “We owe it to our kids”

Earlier this summer, my team set a goal for our state: If our positive health trends continue, let’s return to in-person instruction for our kids in the fall. Our core principle has been to help school districts safely provide every … Continued

Op-Ed: The shame of racism, COVID-19, and murder

Our world, and most of all, our nation, has been shaken to its core by a global pandemic on a scale that we’ve only ever seen once before, and that over a century ago. Already, COVID-19 has infected over 1.8 … Continued

Op-Ed: HCRS CEO urges, “Silence is not an option”

Our world seems to be erupting around us. We’ve spent the past three months dealing with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. Now, our hearts break at the senseless and … Continued

Op-Ed: Vermont better become business-friendly ASAP

Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, Vermont has gone from one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country to one of the highest. According to the Vermont Commissioner on Labor, 90,000 Vermonters have applied for unemployment insurance. That’s out of … Continued

Op-Ed: Money, money everywhere, but not a lot to spend

Vermont’s April revenue collections highlight the absurdity of federal rules restricting the use of the Coronavirus Relief Fund – the $150 billion that Congress appropriated in the CARES Act to help the states. The state’s personal income tax receipts dropped … Continued

Op-Ed: Freedom in Unity

Around this time last year, as the legislative session was ending, I was reflecting on the meaning of politics and the politics of meaning. I wrote and published my thoughts and ended on this note, “If we pursue a legislative … Continued

Op-Ed: Be Brave Little State, Redux

With Vermonters facing yet another three weeks of the state’s mandatory “stay-at-home” order – and possibly longer, should Gov. Phil Scott decide to extend it – the question apparently on most folks’ minds during these long days around the house … Continued

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