Senior Solutions, November

News from area senior centers The Bellows Falls Senior Center is holding its Holiday Bazaar on Dec. 3, when the raffle winner will be announced. The raffle item is an 18-inch doll with a wooden barn, a horse, and a … Continued

Fraud Watch Network: Computer scams

REGION – This final article of a four-part series addresses the steps that can be taken to protect yourself online. With the mid-term election and the holiday season rapidly approaching, here are some self-defense tips to assist in fending off … Continued

Medicare Open Enrollment is here

REGION – Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period – which runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 – is your annual opportunity to switch your current Medicare health and prescription drug plans to ones that better suit your needs. Just in time … Continued

From Mark Boutwell, of Senior Solutions

The upcoming state and national elections offer voters a chance to reset priorities and focus on true pockets of need, one of which is providing for older adults. Federal funding for the Older Americans Act – which gets passed to … Continued

Fraud Watch Network: Scam emails

Sadly, junk email and text messages are now parts of everyday life. In a recent email received from a reader they asked, “I’m wondering why I keep getting so much junk mail when I don’t do much on the computer … Continued

Senior Solutions

September is a month full of activity. Fall Festivals in many towns and villages, gardens overflowing with produce, children heading back to school, the air getting crisp and cool. The days are still long enough to allow time to enjoy … Continued

Fraud Watch Network: The Modern Age

The 1930s bank robber, Willy Sutton, when asked why he robbed banks remarked, “That’s where the money is.” Times have changed since Willy’s days, but if he was alive today, internet scamming would be his occupation – that’s where the … Continued

How does inflation affect me?

Are you saving for retirement? For your children’s education? For any other long-term goal? If so, you’ll want to know about something that can impact your savings: inflation. Inflation is the increase in the price of products over time. Inflation … Continued

Fraud Watch Network: Phone scams, Part II

It’s time to renew your car warranty! Want to consolidate your credit card debt with a lower interest rate? Want to get rid of pesky viruses on your computer? These are just a few of the “offers” received by almost … Continued

Is the Russia-Ukraine War a threat to the global economy?

REGION – Before Russia stunned the world by invading Ukraine, it was widely believed that the economic ties formed through globalization would help promote peace. But the war is testing that assumption and drawing attention to the vulnerabilities in far-flung … Continued

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