How can I gauge my risk tolerance?

Risk tolerance is an investment term that refers to your ability to endure market volatility. All investments come with some level of risk, and, if you’re planning to invest your money, it’s important to be aware of how much volatility … Continued

Fraud Watch Network: Skimmers and Shimmers

Growing up on a lakeshore meant plenty of time to try a great amateur sport: Stone skipping. The trick was to find a slat stone and angle it into the water so it will skim along the surface. Skimmers were … Continued

Fraud Watch Network: Scamming is everywhere

Sadly, the amount of money and information lost to fraud and scams has steadily increased over the last decade and actually accelerated in the past two years. This seems to defy logic. After all, common wisdom tells us that there … Continued

Fraud Watch Network: Social Media Scams

REGION – Do you recognize the names Kuaishou, QZone, or Sina Weibo? Maybe not, but most people around the world at least recognize most of these: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok. Welcome to the growing world of social media. User … Continued

Spring Scam Roundup: Something for everyone.

Home improvement scams begin in earnest during March. Beware of “pop-up” contractors offering great deals on driveway paving, siding installation, or general contractor work. Typically, the perpetrator appears at your door making a fantastic offer on the price of the … Continued

Editorial: On notice

Around Vermont, as municipal boards reorganize, set goals, and undertake housekeeping for the term ahead, one of the things every town and city has to do is decide its “Newspaper of Record.” The designation allows town residents to know where … Continued

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