Op-Ed: We are Vermont Strong

Levels of severe weather warning. Photo provided

As I finally got back into Ludlow Thursday morning, July 13, I was devastated to see the impacts that the flooding had on this town, and so many other surrounding areas. Bridges and roadways completely destroyed; homes and businesses in distress.

But it warmed my heart to see our community coming together, crews working to rebuild, neighbors helping neighbors, communities donating to other communities.

It’s troubling to hear we are expecting more storms this evening, July 13, with “confidence that many storms will contain damaging winds, severe hail, and/or tornadoes,” according to the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center. It’s predicted that winds will reach 58 miles per hour, hail up to an inch or more in diameter, and more rain that will impact already flooded areas first.

Please plan ahead, take shelter, evacuate if necessary, and stay safe.

We are all in this together, and we will get through this storm like we made it through hurricane Irene. We will reevaluate after tonight’s storm and continue to rebuild our homes, businesses, roads, and towns. We are a community and we are Vermont strong.


Yours truly,

Shawntae Webb


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