LTE: Char Osterlund on sitting down with legislators

To the Editor, Many thanks from the Springfield Democratic Town Committee to the folks who dropped in at The Black River Coffee Bar on Saturday, Nov. 19 to get acquainted with our town and county State legislators. It seemed like … Continued

Pepper on Windsor County Assistant Judge

Dear Editor,   Assistant Judge Michael Ricci not winning his election bid to continue as one of our two County Assistant Judges is a real loss for the residents of Windsor County. As Windsor County Clerk I have had the … Continued

LTE: Stu Lindberg on slavery and what you can do

Dear Editor,   On July 2, 1777, Vermont was the first colony to abolish slavery in its constitution, as well as provide full voting rights for African American males. In 1777, Vermonters owned 25 slaves. In December of 1865, the United States … Continued

LTE: Dick McCormack, Alison Clarkson, and Becca White

Dear Editor,   We, the newly elected Windsor District senators, write to thank the people for the trust you’ve expressed with your votes. We’re grateful for the many forms of support we received from Democratic volunteers. We’re proud that our contest with … Continued

Contractors for Christ Offering

Dear Editor,   Let us take a moment to first introduce ourselves. We are Contractors for Christ, a small group of Christian contractors that have banded together to help serve the needs in our local community. Over the summer, we … Continued

LTE: Cris Ericson on Proposal 2 and slavery

Dear Editor,   The online version of the Vermont State Constitution has not been updated yet to reflect the will of the people to end slavery with Proposal 2; and there is no mention in Proposal 2 of amending and deleting Section 64 … Continued

LTE: Carolyn Partridge

Dear Editor, I want to offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to the voters of Windham County for your strong support of me in the race for Assistant Judge. I truly appreciate the trust you have placed in me and … Continued

LTE: Warm Hands Warm Hearts Coat Drive

Dear Editor,   The Chester/Andover Warm Hands Warm Hearts Annual Coat Drive held on Oct. 21 and 22, 2022, at the Chester Baptist Church was a huge success. We accepted so many wonderful donations from local entities and those on the … Continued

LTE: Nader Hashim

Dear Editor,   To the voters of Windham County,   I am humbled and incredibly grateful to be entrusted with the opportunity to represent you in the Vermont State Senate. This campaign has taken me to every corner of our … Continued

LTE: Heather Chase

Dear Editor,   To the communities of Athens, Chester, Grafton, and Windham,   Thank you for your vote on Election Day. I am grateful for your confidence in, and support of, me. As your newly elected State Representative, I pledge to … Continued

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