Springfield School Budget when I was in school

Dear Editor, As a school board member, I hear various reasons for not supporting a school budget. The most common reason I hear starts with, “When I was in school….” What follows might be a statement about not having a … Continued

A letter about Springfield school budget

Dear Editor, Strong schools are necessary for a strong community. Our youth are our future. When voters vote down a school budget, it gives our youth the message that Springfield voters do not care for them. When it makes the … Continued

A letter about New Hampshire lead exposure

Dear Editor, Two months ago, Gov. Chris Sununu addressed lawmakers about the state budget. They applauded when he said, “Together, we’ll continue to improve prevention of childhood lead poisoning.” Their applause is welcome news for supporters of H.358, legislation that … Continued

A letter in support of raising the minimum wage

Dear Editor, There’s something I don’t get about the furious opposition from some against raising the minimum wage. The minimum wage has been periodically raised since 1935. Has the sky fallen? Has the economy collapsed? Have so many minimum wage … Continued

A letter of thanks from Central Elementary School

Dear Editor, The Bellows Falls Central Elementary School second grade would like to thank Diana and the staff at the Flat Iron Exchange for opening their doors to us on April 5 for our annual Poetry Slam. Each of our … Continued

Nitka’s notes from the Statehouse, April 12, 2019

Dear Editor, There is much sadness in the Statehouse at the loss of Rep. Bob Forguites who died unexpectedly last week. Bob was very well respected in the building by his colleagues from all political parties. He was a dedicated, … Continued

Nitka’s notes from the Statehouse, April 5, 2019

Dear Editor, Some bills are introduced in several bienniums before they get any traction, and such was a bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Brian Savage of Swanton testified that H.321 of … Continued

A letter about House Resolution 7066

Dear Editor, The United States Congress is currently processing House Resolution 7066, which calls for a monument honoring the Army Security Agency to be placed in Arlington. The Army Security Agency provided critical intelligence in the Cold War and in … Continued

A letter about Black River Health Center

Dear Editor, The Board and the tenants of the Black River Health Center would like to thank the residents of Cavendish and Proctorsville for your vote to maintain our tax-exempt status for the next five years. Because of your support, … Continued

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