Revitalize our democracy in the Legislature

Dear Editor, As we enter another general election season, I encourage my fellow Vermonters to take a hard look at the local and statewide issues that affect our daily lives. In 2015, the education bill Act 46 was passed with … Continued

Op-Ed: Safe and secure Vermont elections

Many of us love going to the polls on Election Day. Joining in-person with our friends, family, and neighbors to participate in the civic process is something I look forward to every election year. As Vermont’s Chief Election Official, it … Continued

The challenge of being an effective legislator

Dear Editor, As we enter the most contentious national election of our lifetimes, we must remember to focus locally as well. The crucial role of the Vermont House was apparent in the override of the governor’s veto of the Global … Continued

John Arrison’s candidacy

Dear Editor, I read the letter from John Arrison introducing himself as a candidate for Cavendish and Weathersfield State Representative after the primary winner Dan Boyer dropped out. Arrison was chosen by the local Democratic Party to replace Boyer on … Continued

Balancing out the Legislature

Dear Editor, Our Vermont government is facing difficult and confusing times and is in need of change. I think that change should come in the form of balance. Our lawmakers sit in the House of Representatives that is made up … Continued

Ask a Vermont candidate anything

Dear Editor, Springfielders – old, new, native-born, or expatriate – if you’re wondering where any of the current crop of candidates stands on Springfield issues from potholes to taxes, from educational costs to unaffordable rents, from Act 246 to Act … Continued

Grateful for the effort to open our schools

Dear Editor, For all the struggles that went into reopening schools this summer, nature did smile on Vermont’s teachers and learners this week as our kids returned to school – conditions have been perfect for outdoor activity. Going in circles … Continued

Voting process for Cavendish and Proctorsville

Dear Editor, There has been some confusion around the upcoming General Election Nov. 3, 2020 and I would like to provide clarification as to the voting process for Cavendish and Proctorsville voters. The Secretary of State’s Office is automatically mailing … Continued

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