Vermont Butcher Shop

2167 N. Main St.
Londonderry, VT

The Vermont Butcher Shop is dedicated to providing you with healthy and great tasting meats, free from hormones and anti-biotics, specializing in 100% grass-fed beef – delicious, healthy, and good-for-the-environment. They also offer prime and choice cuts of naturally raised regional beef. They offer only Heritage pork – humanely raised, and the most delicious, healthiest pork you will ever eat. You can get chicken that is naturally juicy, tender, and more flavorful, right from the Vermont Butcher Shop.

They believe in eating healthier and smarter; and respecting the animals that provide us sustenance. As a rule of thumb, the healthiest and best tasting meats come from animals and poultry that are allowed to roam, eat natural foods. In other words, eat real food that eats real food.

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