Grafton Inn

92 Main Street
Grafton, VT

A significant piece of Vermont history, the Grafton Inn was built in 1801 to be a hub of fine dining and retreat. Over the years, the inn passed through hands, hosted Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson among others, and fell into disrepair. The Windham Foundation then stepped in to restore and maintain the Grafton Inn as its known today. The Grafton Inn has 45 rooms, suites, and guest houses with complimentary Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers in every room. Guests can enjoy country breakfasts, afternoon refreshments, a renovated fitness center, a game room with pool and ping pong, and access to hiking trails and swimming ponds. Enjoy the same great menu at the inn’s different dining locations at the 1801 Tavern, Phelps Barn Pub, or the Pine Room Bar.

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