Outer Limits Brewing

60 Village Green
Proctorsville, VT

Master brewer Wesley Tice and wife Taylor Shaw brew their own beer in-house, offering a full range, “from really light lager to a really dark barrel-aged beer and everything in between.” The debut beer offering, from lightest to darkest, includes: Hellis Lager, Best Bitter, Dark Mild, American Pale Ale, Juicy IPA, Schwartz Beer dark lager, Oatmeal Stout nitro, Amber Ale nitro. Tice has a proprietary Ringwood yeast, which will distinguish his brews from any others. They will also feature Cask condition ales, which have naturally lower carbonation and are served a little warmer.

Upstairs is a handsome large bar with excellent lighting and a row of gleaming taps. You can glimpse the tiled pizza oven through an opening off to the side near the bar. The limited menu will consist of five pizzas and two salads, at least for now. Shaw wants to make sure the beer is the focus.

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