Joy Wah Chinese Restaurant

Route 5 North
Bellows Falls, VT

Serving the distinctive regional cuisines of China, Joy Wah’s menu offers choices that are the best of each region. Every dish includes the freshest ingredients and health conscious preparation.

Hunan cooking from the southwest, with its Hot and Spicy flavors, will have your mouth watering. Canton dishes, from the southeast, present the essence of Chinese cooking with its light stir-frying techniques and textures. Shanghai, the kitchen of the east, is cosmopolitan and inventive. Manchurian cuisine, from the frigid north, is a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and even Russian flavors.

The scenic restaurant, overlooking the Connecticut River, with its cozy and oriental interior, is one of the most beautiful Chinese restaurants in the nation. Seating capacity of 150, so there is plenty of room for a large party!

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