March, the best winter month


Peter Farrar loaned me a 100 page typewritten manuscript written by his maternal grandfather Philip Tiemann. Philip and his wife Isabel arrived in Cavendish, Vermont in 1933 at the height of the Depression. Money was scarce. They left New Jersey … Continued

Rowell’s Inn donation


In early February I received an email from Robin ‘Rowell’ Smith of Maryland. Robin had inherited many items that had descended in the Rowell family. Many readers will be aware of Rowell’s Inn in Simonsville. This is Robin’s ancestry. In … Continued

Kelly’s Tavern part 2


Below is a continuance of Ed Kendall’s 1962 Springfield Reporter article. Last week ended with Austin N. Chandler’s early memories in Chester. Here are Kendall’s memories of a later time in Chester. Kendall was a teacher at Chester High School. … Continued

Kelly Tavern history


Recently I happened upon an old newspaper clipping from January 1962. It was Ed Kendall’s column in the Springfield Reporter. It seems Kendall had copied a story written by Austin N. Chandler many years before. From about 1870 on Chandler … Continued

Remember When…


A popular feature in the Vermont Journal/Shopper is the ‘Remember When’ old photo. Over the years I have submitted many photos. Occasionally I submit a photo that I know nothing about. Sometimes I don’t even know the town the photo … Continued

Picking History


In the past I have written some of my early memories in the antiques business. In those days I would ride around, find an old home and knock on the door. This method was known as “picking” or “door-knocking.” I … Continued

Rare 1848 map


It was several years ago when we discovered an old map stashed away in a closet at the Chester Historical Society. It was poorly framed and in poor condition. The map is signed, “W.R. Sill, 1848” and measures 16”x20”. 1848 … Continued

The attic


This is a story that requires an introduction. The Interstate highway system removed barriers that had kept Vermont isolated from the rest of New England. In 1969 Interstate-91 went only as far as White River Junction. At that time in … Continued

A flag and a fire


In the photos Ted Spaulding recently donated to the Chester Historical Society are a couple exceptional photos. These photos belonged to Ted’s father Ed. There are a couple photos that I would classify as rare. The photo with this article … Continued

A sunny winter day


Sunday morning, December 17th, I headed out for another hike in the snow covered woods. As I went up through my field I noticed I was following my shadow. Looking down at my shadow in the snow I thought, “Glad … Continued

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