Antiques Roundtable was well attended


CHESTER, Vt. – The first Antiques Roundtable of 2017, held at the Chester Town Hall, was well attended with about forty visitors. Several exhibits included game calls, duck decoys, fox, beaver and coyote pelts and a superb exhibit of antique … Continued

Remembering Gale Peck


Many area residents will remember Gale Peck (1887- 1991) of Chester. I remember Gale but never knew him well. His son Howard (1911-2014) I did know well. Gale was an early officer of the Chester Historical Society and a strong … Continued

Gordon O. Gates & Sons

“The lumber buisness slowed down a bit + at the time the government started to build Ball Mt. Dam + the ski tows were growing up fast. The government was hiring help like crazy + paying big wages just to … Continued

Nobody’s Used Car Sales

Ernest (Ernie) Nobody ran a used car lot on the upper end of Main Street in 1957 Chester. When his lot was full he usually had about 30 used cars on hand. Nobody always had a good inventory of Chevy’s, … Continued

Kingdom Valley Farm

Kibbe place

Situated on the Chester-Springfield Road in Chester is the Kingdom Valley Farm. For many years it was owned by the Huyler family; today it is owned by Sue Kibbe. Originally built as a tavern in about 1800, over the years … Continued

A Vermont Cabinetmaker

  Prior to 1850 many Vermont towns had their own cabinetmakers, usually the more rural a town the less skilled the cabinetmaker. This was mainly a case of economics. A wealthy town like Norwich with Hanover and Dartmouth College as … Continued

A 1957 Christmas Story

  Christmas in Chester in 1957 was an exciting time. In downtown Chester all of the stores were busy. The ‘Shop on the Green’ was decorated with lights and wreaths. The Chester Inn displayed its Christmas spirit with lights and … Continued

Gordon’s Road Trip Part 2

  Part two of Gordon Gates trip across the country; the trip took place in the summer of 1939 and cost $55. With Gordon and his teacher, Lloyd Earle, were Vinnie Crocker, George Holden, and Jake and Paul Howe. Lloyd … Continued

Adams & Davis History

  In the last quarter of the 19th century on into the early 20th century, Adams & Davis was the largest store in Chester. Today this location is Newsbank Conference Center. Their store was originally 40 feet x 40 feet. … Continued

Deer Hunting Memories

It’s that time of year when I look back on the days my father, my older brother Brian and I went deer hunting together. I was eight years old before I could join my father and Brian deer hunting. My … Continued

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