Otto Winestock…Inventor


Earlier this fall I was given a tour of the Weathersfield Historical Society at the Dan Foster house and museum in Weathersfield Center, Vermont. Of interest to me were some antique spark plugs. A note with these plugs says they … Continued

Stray shots & short casts


In the 1960s the Rutland Herald had a weekly column titled “Stray shots & short casts.” I choose that title for this article as I have several subjects to write about this week. Last week Peter Farrar, Danny Clemons and … Continued

Stew the squirrel


The folks at Vermont Journal/Shopper give me the freedom to write about anything that strikes my fancy. I take advantage of that freedom this week and offer a different story. Two weeks ago, a Chester Historical Society member and gardener … Continued

George Farrar memories

high school

Many will remember George Farrar of West Chester. Below are some of his memories he wrote years ago. “When working on a Guard rail job on Route 11 in the late summer and early fall of 1939, it was an … Continued

Brookside Cemetery Tour


CHESTER, Vt. – At 2 p.m. on Oct. 28, Ken Barrett led a cemetery tour at Brookside Cemetery on Main Street in Chester. Barrett started with the grave of Jabez Sargent, Chester’s earliest settler. He led the group around explaining … Continued

Remembering Ezra Davis


  Below is a letter Duncan Ogden loaned me. It was written as one long letter without paragraphs. I copied it as written with spelling errors. All I did was break it where I thought a paragraph should be. Ezra … Continued

Working for a living


Below is another installment from Gramp Spaulding’s writings. I’ve always admired people who make a living with their hands and wit. Many of the people and places Gramp mentions here I remember. It’s fun to recall those simpler times. In … Continued

The 34th annual Weston Craft Show


WESTON, Vt. – The 34th annual Weston Craft Show was held at the Weston Playhouse from Oct. 6, 7, and 8. As usual, only the area’s best artisans displayed their wares. This show is one of the finest in New … Continued

Hard living in old Vermont


Below is from Sam Ogden’s book, titled, “The Cheese that changed many lives.” It takes place in Landgrove. ….“This was the Colburn store. We pulled into the dooryard and stepped onto the porch, and thence through a glazed door into … Continued

‘Gramp’, A working man’s man


Many Chester people will know Gramp Spaulding. Like Gordon Gates, Gramp wrote some of his memories of working in Chester. These writings include his Army service, his days at Readex (now Newsbank) and a lot about moving safes, pianos and … Continued

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