The Gypum Brothers Circus

  Many older area residents will remember my father, Arnold Patch. More still will remember his brother Stanley. The Gypum Brothers Circus began in Springfield in 1928. Brothers Arnold and Stanley Patch of 38 Crescent Street were the promoters. In … Continued

Gordon Gates & Sons, Part 3

Local History

“After the Benenonton job I went down to Westminester to work on a Music Auditorium at the Kurn Hatten Home. That was an all sumer job. Loneys next job was a bank in Bratelbero and that was going to be … Continued

1908 Chester auction poster gives glimpse of farm life

  CHESTER, Vt. – Recently Bob Ulbrich of Chester made a donation to the Chester Historical Society. The bulk of Bob’s donation was for our July yard sale consisting of modern items. Included in his donation were a few Chester … Continued

The Big Cheese


Recently I was researching the 1871 Vermont Journal in the collection of the Springfield Art & Historical Society. While I didn’t find what I was looking for I did make an interesting discovery. In the April 29, 1871, Vermont Journal … Continued

WW2 Springfield Observation Posts


SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – On Saturday, January 21th, the Springfield Art & Historical Society held a special program on Springfield’s World War 2 observation posts. Hugh Putnam researched the Springfield Reporters from 1941-1945 and delivered an in depth history of Springfield’s … Continued

Gordon Gates & Sons Part 2

“After the roofing I got into the regular swing of things + I guess I must have done a right. I worked till the job on Magic was all done. The three partners split up. Phyl Hitchcock one of them … Continued

Antiques Roundtable was well attended


CHESTER, Vt. – The first Antiques Roundtable of 2017, held at the Chester Town Hall, was well attended with about forty visitors. Several exhibits included game calls, duck decoys, fox, beaver and coyote pelts and a superb exhibit of antique … Continued

Remembering Gale Peck


Many area residents will remember Gale Peck (1887- 1991) of Chester. I remember Gale but never knew him well. His son Howard (1911-2014) I did know well. Gale was an early officer of the Chester Historical Society and a strong … Continued

Gordon O. Gates & Sons

“The lumber buisness slowed down a bit + at the time the government started to build Ball Mt. Dam + the ski tows were growing up fast. The government was hiring help like crazy + paying big wages just to … Continued

Nobody’s Used Car Sales

Ernest (Ernie) Nobody ran a used car lot on the upper end of Main Street in 1957 Chester. When his lot was full he usually had about 30 used cars on hand. Nobody always had a good inventory of Chevy’s, … Continued

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