Vermont high school students take on climate change with GIV

GIV 2022 Climate Change Sprint registration is now open.
GIV 2022 Climate Change Sprint registration is now open. Photo provided

REGION – The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont is thrilled to announce the debut of a new, virtual climate change Winter Weekend program!

On Feb. 4-6, all Vermont 9th – 12th grade students are invited to join GIV in asking and answering some of the hardest questions of our time. What will Vermont look like after 50 more years of climate change? How can young people lobby for action on a legislative level? How can art shift people’s perspective on caring about the planet?

Students of GIV’s “Climate Change Sprint” will find the answers to these questions and so much more. Through community-oriented group projects, interactive challenges, and intensive workshops, they will gain the connections, resources, and inspiration to take on climate change in Vermont and beyond – all in just three days.

“Now more than ever, we need to amplify youth voices speaking out against climate change,” says GIV Program Coordinator Ross Cagenello. “Our young people are undoubtedly the most affected by the ongoing global climate crisis. They care, and they want to make a difference. It’s our job to give them the resources and connections they need to feel empowered to do just that.”

“That’s the point of this program – to bring Vermont high school students together, to give them access to climate change experts, to inspire them to learn the science and create change in their communities and the world at large,” Ross continues. “We know we can’t save the world in a weekend. But we can certainly give our youth a running start towards making a difference!”

Applications for GIV’s virtual Climate Change Sprint are currently open. In the interest of making this program accessible to all Vermont families, tuition is “pay what you can.” Interested students can visit for more information and to apply now.

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