Unified Basketball Roundup

Provided by Jennie Shaw

Springfield vs. Burr and Burton

  Unified Basketball is back at Dressel Gym for the Springfield Cosmos in Springfield, Vt. It was a full house for the Cosmos on Friday, April 1 at Dressel Gym, as they competed against Burr and Burton. Parents, teachers, community members, and sports teams were there to support the teams’ first game of the season. It’s been three years since we have been on the court. This is a growing year for the Springfield Unified team, with just one returning veteran, senior Patrick Toner. We have a young team that will keep learning this season and the upcoming years to come.

Returning Coach Gultekin will miss her Co-Coach Marc Thomas, but has welcomed, and is excited to work with, new Co-Coach Michelle Pinter-Petrillo. Thanks for joining the team Michelle. Petrillo and Gultekin have been working together to coach the young team. Returning graduate and score keeper, Morgan Fontaine helped keep score for the Cosmos. Thank you for returning Morgan.

Burr and Burton brought home the win with a score of 54 -26. With a young team, I am very proud of the energy, effort, and sportsmanship the Cosmos had on the court. The kids are having fun and learning at the same time, and that is what it is about. The Cosmos came out onto the court this year with new uniforms and warm up jerseys they helped fundraise for.

For a young team, we rocked it. Sophomore Lexi Bills was all over the court scoring baskets for her team. Her enthusiasm and energy brought her to score 14 points. Senior and veteran player Patrick Toner came out onto the court with so much joy, scoring four points. Junior Josh Grave was excited, ringing in four points. Freshman Emily Toner and Isaiah Short each scored two points. But for the Unified Basketball team it is not about how many points you can score, it is about how much fun you have with each other. Assists from Cameron Williams, Jacob Bennet, James Gultekin, and Trevor Carl put smiles on their teammates faces as they sang for joy and scored baskets for their team.

Provided by Jennie Shaw

Parents, graduating students and parents, community members, coaches, sports teams, and teachers were able to watch their favorite sport and visit with each other while watching the kids have a good time on the court. Thank you Burr and Burton, see you next week.

The Cosmos will travel to Hartford on Tuesday, April 5, and Burr and Burton on Thursday, April 7. We will host Brattleboro on April 12, at 4 p.m. and Mill River on April 14, at 4 p.m. Hope to see you there.


Springfield vs. Hartford

Tonight’s contest against the Harford Hurricanes brought the Sprigfield Cosmos’ Unified Basketball team to a 1 – 1 record. The Cosmos defeated the Hurricanes with a 52-44 win.

This game was even paced for both the Cosmos and Hurricanes. The Cosmos’ Lexy Bills led her team with 22 points. Lexy’s drive to steal the ball landed her with a few layups along with her jump shots and drives to the basket. Second leading scorer Isaiah Short was proud to earn his 16 points with putbacks, layups, and short jumpers. Isaiah’s energy and joy helped his team receive the win. First time scorers were Sam Baily, who earned four points, Emily Toner, with two points, and Kaitlyn McGrath, also with two points. Josh Graves landed four points with his two jump shots.

Emily Toner, Isaiah Short, and Sam Bailey landed several key rebounds to bring the ball back down the court for the Cosmos to score.

For the Hurricanes, it was Eli Weintraub who lead the team with 16 points including two three-pointers. Hope Duffy came in second with ten points, followed by Kai Ahern with six points, and Joshua Marandos, Emily Neily, and Zoey Hossler each chipping in four points for the team.

The Hurricanes sent off the Cosmos with baked goods for the ride home. The Cosmos send out a huge thank you to Hartford for their hospitality and kindness.


Provided by Jennie Shaw

Springfield vs. Burr and Burton, Away

On April 7, 2022, the Springfield Cosmos met up with Burr and Burton for their second contest of the season.

The Bulldogs fans were packed in the stands with community members, sports teams, parents, teachers, and parents. It was another night where the points did not matter.

With the absence of Lexi Bills, Rosie Leon, and James Gultekin, the Cosmos were able to put 40 points on the score board. Even though it was another loss to the Bulldogs, 68-40, for the Cosmos, baskets were made and sportsmanship was represented, throughout the gymnasium. Fans cheered on Bulldogs and Cosmos athletes during the contest.

For Springfield it was Isaiah Short that landed ten points for the night as the Cosmos’ highest scorer. Putbacks from Emily Toner and Sam Bailey brought them six and eight points respectively. Patrick Toner rang in six points. Kaitlyn McGrath ended with eight points and Josh Graves with two.

This years’ team is a young one – skills are being developed and fun is being had at the same time. The team is working on their defense and rebounding skills at practice.

The Cosmos will host Brattleboro on April 12 at 4 p.m. at Dressel Gym, and Mill River on Thursday, April 14 at 5 p.m.


Written by Margaret Gultekin, Unified Basketball Coach, Springfield High School


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