ESBR students look at Lake Champlain watershed

ESBR students looking at the Champlain maps. Photo provided.

LUDLOW, Vt. – Before school vacation there were a few great educational events at the Expeditionary School at Black River (ESBR). Lake Champlain Museum came down to our school with two huge floor maps of the Lake Champlain watershed and the geographic map of Vermont with rivers and other water and land features. These maps were placed in the community center gym floor. The instructor had the students explore them (wearing their socks) to see how these watershed areas

Okemo Valley TV ESBR Interview with Jake Dearruda from Jeopardy. Photo provided.

interact with and are affected by the surrounding environment. Then, they did many activities related to water in our own region. A few days later, the students were off walking around Ludlow observing the watershed of our town. It was a rainy day, but that didn’t dampen their spirits. In some ways the rain was probably most appropriate. Later in the year they will get to do further research in Lake Champlain with this organization.

The students were also able to participate at Okemo Valley TV with some doing an interview of Jake DeArruda, a graduate from Black River High School. He just succeeded as a four-day champion on Jeopardy. Students participated in questioning Jake and were able get some inside information about what it takes to win. Another student participated in the video and sound booth.

These are just a few examples of what goes on at ESBR.

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