LTE: Brigid Sullivan runs for Mount Holly Selectboard

Dear Editor,


These are difficult times for our country, for rural towns like Mount Holly, and for many of us personally. The problems facing us are real and growing. We know our town has always been a desirable place to live and now, thanks to top-notch broadband and pandemic-driven remote work, the rest of the world knows it too. We are concerned this huge demand will make our town difficult for us to afford to live in. We are concerned the demands on our public services will increase our taxes. We are concerned that many more non-resident home buyers will make it hard to rely on purely volunteer town services. We are concerned about the loss of recreational land due to posting and new development.

True, there are many challenges ahead. But there are also great opportunities. Our federal and state governments are providing immense financial resources – millions of dollars – specifically to help rural towns like ours address these challenges head-on.

I have the right experience and skills needed to help our town in this unique moment. That is why I am running for the vacant position on the Selectboard of Mount Holly.

I am recognized in town as someone who knows how to raise money and write grants. In my two decades of public service, I have raised well over $2 million for the town of Mount Holly. I have written successful grants for the Fire Department, Community Association, and Historical Museum – among others. This skill was honed during years of working in local governments where I ran departments of recreation and raised funds for new parks and public services. I have used these abilities to lead the effort to save Star Lake with a dam and added hundreds of acres to Okemo State Forest, land that has unparalleled views, great hunting and fishing at the headwaters of three watersheds, and protects a critical junction of the VAST snowmobile trail.

I also invest my time in other local activities, through which I have come to know the town and its people well. I am serving as Justice of the Peace and as a member of the Planning Commission. I helped found and direct BRACC (Black River Area Community Coalition) to help reduce substance abuse among pre-teens and young teenagers; and I currently serve on the board of Ludlow Rotary, whose service area includes Mount Holly. Maybe you’ve seen me play French horn in the Springfield Band.

I promise to work for the people of Mount Holly and for the town’s benefit. I’ll seek funds to grow our future and to reduce our reliance on property taxes. I promise not only to listen, but to actively seek out your concerns, problems, ideas, and suggestions. Town government is a joint venture and I look forward to working with you all. I can be reached at

I kindly ask you to support me, Brigid Sullivan, for Mount Holly Select Board on March 1. Thank you.



Brigid Sullivan

Mount Holly, Vt.

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