Ice fishing for questions

MONTPELIER, Vt. – New to ice fishing? Looking for fishing tips? Wondering how the fish survive a winter under the ice? Want to meet your local State Game Warden? The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department will be conducting Educational Patrols during winter 2021 on Vermont lakes and ponds.

“We know many anglers have questions they would like to ask a warden, and we also know anglers are always looking to learn new tips and tricks,” said Education Specialist Corey Hart. “Vermont State Game Wardens and educational staff will be teaming up to conduct Educational Patrols this winter.”

The current pandemic prohibits formal educational programs so as an alternative, anglers are encouraged to fish lakes hosting these Educational Patrols. Staff will be roaming the ice and will stop by to offer pointers or just chat with anglers about their season.

“This is a great opportunity for anglers new to fishing that are looking to improve their success or who have questions about fishing regulations,” said Chief Warden Colonel Jason Batchelder.

The Educational Patrols will last one to two hours. Participants should bring their own equipment and set up on the ice and start fishing. Department staff will be roaming among the anglers and plan to spend at least 10 minutes per group depending on the number of anglers on the ice and questions.

A list of dates, times, and locations for the sessions are available at this link on Fish & Wildlife’s website at

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