Lenore A. Irion, 1952-2020

Lenore A. Irion
Lenore A. Irion, 1952-2020. Photo provided

SAXTONS RIVER, Vt. – Lenore Adele Irion of Saxtons River, Vt. died peacefully before daybreak Sept. 11, 2020. She was in the care of her sister and medical hospice in Alstead, N.H. Her sister and two devoted friends were at her side as she took her last quiet breath that disappeared into the silence and stillness.

As her physical strength had diminished, her sense of wonder kept growing. The late summer weeks provided so much richness outdoors in the gardens that surrounded her. Friends brought her flowers, played live music, had meaningful conversation, and expressed gratitude and love.

Born in 1952 into a family of six, she spent her school years growing up in Wayne, Pa. She then settled on Martha’s Vineyard where she enjoyed island life. It was there that she made her closest friends.

She returned to Pennsylvania and then Delaware to care for her aging parents, settling finally in New Hampshire and then Vermont.

Although a private person, Lenore touched many kinds of people with her warmth and kindness and pure heart. She was unaware of her innocent charm. Animals were her loves. The 11 dogs that she rescued were her favorite companions. She received a lot of pleasure from her feline friends as well.

When asked in her last weeks what she felt good about accomplishing in her life, she answered first, among other things, “Certainly taking care of mom and dad in their last years. It was an honor. We were a threesome. I felt proud of them and people could see that we loved each other tremendously.”

Again, among other things, when asked what she wanted those of us who love her to remember about her, her answer was, “Well, I really loved my childhood and I loved to laugh.”

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