Work-based learning program at ESBR

Fox Run Golf Club
Fox Run Golf Club. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Expeditionary School at Black River is pleased to announce the launch of their Work-based Learning program. By entering into a partnership with Assisting Children Today, Calcuttas, Fox Run Golf Club, Fox Run Inn, and Okemo Valley Equipment, the school’s program design is now equipped to serve as the fulcrum from which an ecosystem of learning can revolve here in the Okemo Valley and beyond. Each of these partnering entities are led by Troy Caruso, whose donation of time and marketing advice continues to help efforts to sustain the school’s impact as well.

In its second year of operation, the Expeditionary School has taken the next step toward building out 11th and 12th grade learning pathways in Agricultural and Food Systems, Resort and Hospitality Management, and Information Technology. During the first phase of implementation, job-embedded Resort and Hospitality Management coursework will take place at Calcuttas, Fox Run Golf Club, and Fox Run Inn.

The second phase entails building out work-based learning opportunities for the Agricultural and Food Systems pathway. By design, these career academies will not only help students develop the skills essential to meeting changing industry demands, it will also establish an innovative employment pipeline between graduates and local employers.

Okemo Valley Equipment is one of Caruso’s multiple entities, with his deep knowledge of the construction industry, the Expeditionary School intends to leverage his insight when designing projects that instill the technical skills needed to be competitive in the jobs of the future.

Equally as valuable to students will be exposure to Assisting Children Today, a nonprofit organization. As stated on its website ACT “assists Vermont families with sick children to make sure they get the help that they need.”

ACT’s goal is to make sure children battling terminal illnesses get the absolute best care in the world. Through this partnership in particular, students will have access to learning opportunities, where compassion and empathy are the criteria for success. Invaluable life lessons that are best absorbed when engaging with the community.

Caruso’s willingness to give a little, so that a lot can change, is the cornerstone to ensuring the Expeditionary School’s vision for community development will become a reality.

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