“Women of Adventure” comes to Slate Valley Trails

Slate Valley Trails. Photo provided

RUTLAND, Vt. – Come Alive Outside has recently collaborated with Garmin to bring the book and message of “Women of Adventure: Being Brave in a Big World” to selected story walks on trails in Rutland County.

The book introduces the Women of Adventure when they were young girls and explores what influenced them to pursue their passions. Each story includes an “Explore” page that teaches readers about maps and wayfinding, rocks and geology, heights and flight, and more. Kids and parents alike will discover the science behind how things work, the tools required for each adventure, and various facts and figures pertinent to each discipline.

“I love this book because the characters are based on real people who dreamed big and accomplished those dreams,” said Executive Director of Come Alive Outside, Arwen Turner. “These stories demonstrate inclusion in the outdoors and here at Come Alive Outside we want everyone to feel empowered to get outside to connect with nature.”

One of the characters of the book is Vermont’s very own Mirna Valerio. Valerio, who lives in Montpelier, is an ultrarunner, author, and advocate for increasing representation outdoors.

“I love to share the joy of being outside on a trail with everyone I meet in person or through words and pictures, because I want them to experience that same feeling,” said Valerio. “After you read this book and learn about our stories and pathways, I hope you are inspired to head outdoors, get some sun on your face and breathe in the joy that nature offers us!”

Valerio also supports the mission of Come Alive Outside and has helped the organization spread its message. When word got out that Garmin had created the Women of Adventure initiative and a book was coming out that featured Mirna Valerio, Come Alive Outside immediately reached out to Garmin to bring copies of this book to story walks in Rutland County. Garmin responded by not only donating the laminated books for the book paths on the trails, but also donated 25 books for Come Alive Outside to share with local program participants.

The book can be found on the new and improved Slate Valley Trails story walk at Bumper Cars from July 1 through Aug. 31 this summer. It will also be up again on Pine Hill Park’s Pinecone Adventure Forest Trail Sept. 1 through Oct. 31.

“We believe good stories are meant to be shared,” said Rebecca Sommers, author and Garmin associate creative director. “We’re thrilled to partner with Come Alive Outside and give children and adults a chance to experience the stories of Mirna and other bold females through these story walks.”

If you would like your very own copy of Women of Adventure to keep, “Women of Adventure: Being Brave in a Big World” can be purchased on www.garmin.com. Proceeds from each book purchased go toward the women’s chosen charities, supporting causes that clean up coastlines, empower women and girls worldwide with donated bikes, educate and inspire girls through STEM-related efforts, and more. To learn more about the Garmin Women of Adventure initiative, visit www.garmin.com/womenofadventure.

Come Alive Outside will also be giving away books to the first ten individuals who take a photo of themselves on the book path and email them to Arwen@comealiveoutside.com.


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