Weston Library adopts Strategic Plan

WESTON, Vt. – The Board of Trustees of the Wilder Memorial Library in Weston, Vt. is pleased to announce that in July, after nearly a year of hard work, they’ve adopted their first-ever Strategic Plan to guide the exciting future of the library. They have immediately begun working on implementing the plan, the focus of work for the next five years.

The Plan includes revised mission and vision statements and goals for programs, technology, finances, and staffing. Most exciting to the board and community is the ambitious goal to expand the library building using the recently purchased Riverside property next door to provide space for community gatherings and programs as well as expanded library services.

The process for developing the plan included a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation to engage consultant Kerri MacLaury, a former librarian in Weston. The Strategic Planning Committee sponsored three community meetings in person and via Zoom, attended by 60 people, and also sent out a survey, drawing 174 responses. That unprecedented community input helped the committee devise a thoughtful and coherent plan.

Library Director Jessica Clapp said, “The plan has a clear focus on the library as a driving force in the Weston community. Thanks to the robust participation by the community, we have clear direction in providing exceptional service and programs, expanding and bringing our unique and beautiful library up to date, and sustaining our vital role in the community.”

The full text of the Strategic Plan is available on the library website at www.wildermemoriallibrary.org. Hard copies are available at Wilder Memorial Library.

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