Westminster West Library Plant and Bake Sale

PUTNEY, Vt. – The Westminster West Library will be hosting this year’s Westminster Community Plant and Bake Sale on Saturday, May 21, 2022 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The featured plant this year is rudbeckia goldstrum, which is commonly known as a black-eyed susan. This hardy perennial blooms on sturdy stalks, producing a golden burst of 3 to 4-inch, daisy like flowers with large seed heads in late July through September. This is an excellent flower for a fall bouquet.

The library has a variety of plants available, including perennials like peonies, daylilies, hosta, echinacea, creeping geranium, and jacob’s ladder. Herbs, like mojito mint, thyme, lemon balm, and lovage are also available, as well as shrubs and trees like the annabelle hydrangea, lilac, forsythia, and black currant.

All the plants are carefully sourced to be pest-free. They are field-grown, hardy, weed-free specimens, potted with love and care. Come early for best selection and get home-made wonderful baked goods.

We give a discount for volume, so buy more, save more.

All proceeds go to the Westminster West Library.

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