Westminster celebrates elder residents

Westminster residents celebrated the town's eldest citizens
Westminster residents celebrated the town’s eldest citizens. Photo provided

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – On Saturday, Sept. 26, Westminster Cares and town residents celebrated Westminster’s 90-plus-year-old citizens during the annual Celebration of Aging. Due to Covid-19 safety concerns, a small private ceremony was held outdoors on the lawn of the Westminster Institute for guests of honor and their families, followed by a community drive-by and parade.

Westminster has 14 residents who are 90 years of age or older. Thirteen still live independently in the area and five attended the event: Charlotte Kurkul, Libby Mills, Ben Hutchins, Lee MacDuffie, and Bill Smidutz. The families of Phyllis Anderson and Paulie Kissell attended in their honor. Not able to attend were Lois Woodward, Dot Allen, Judith Berkley Jo Crocker, Ruth Morse, Bob Gay, and Barbara Holton. Of the 14, two are 90, six are 91, one 92, one 94, one 95, one 96, one 97, and one 98.

Pete Harrison, vice president, gave a heartwarming presentation addressing each of the honored guests. The presentation included interesting family history, places they’ve lived, companies they’ve worked for, and stories about their lives in the community. Guests of honor were given photo books to commemorate the occasion and for their contributions to the community.


A socially distanced Celebration of Aging in Westminster
A socially distanced Celebration of Aging in Westminster. Photo provided

The Westminster Cares Board of Directors expresses their appreciation to our honored guests for attending; to the many family members who accompanied them and the community members who turned out in support of this event. Cars were decorated with balloons, streamers, and signs with messages for the guests of honor. Community members drove by cheering, honking, and greeting each honoree. To close out the event, the Westminster Fire Department led a parade along Main Street with cars filled by each guest of honor and their family. Community members lined the streets to wave and give “shout-outs” to each of the honorees as they passed by.

Thank you, Westminster!

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