Westminster Cares honorary, memorial gifts

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – Westminster Cares wishes to express heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the generous outpouring of support we have received for our 2020-2021 Annual Appeal fundraising drive. Funds from this appeal will enable us to continue serving the community as we adapt to these uncertain times. Thank you to all the individuals, families, and businesses who have contributed so far and to the entire community for your incredible support this year!

Donations received from Dec. 15 through Jan. 18

In honor of Karen Walter from Patra Attig; the amazing, compassionate people of Westminster from Geri and Frank Burgert; my mother, Susan Clifford, from Patrick Clark; Karen Walter for all her good work from Abigail Golde; the essential workers helping those in need from Charmion Handy; Bill Smidutz from James Kamel; Pete Harrison from Libby Mills; Karen Walter from Cynthia Moore; volunteers Cindy Moses and Joe Richards from Rebecca Moses; Libby Mills from Joyce Rodgers; the Vermont State Police from Bill Smidutz; Judy and Craig P. Hawkins from Susan and Rich Talbot; and Lloyd and Sujin Dakin from Susan and Rich Talbot.

  In memory of Artie Aiken from Spaulding and Kandace Bisbee; Monica Waters from Sara Denne Bolton; Dorothy Palumbo from Susan Colby; Rosalie Coven from Judy and Tony Coven; Doris Bowen from Dan and Mary Davis; Dorothy “Dot” Perry from Dick and Holly Doyle; Anne Fairchild from Carolyn Fairchild; Kevin Shrader from Mike and Linda Fawcett; Charlie Edson, Kevin Shrader and Jim Scully from Cyndy Fine; Artie Aiken from Jeff Greene and Kim Grall; Don and Muriel Devoe from Judy Haggerty; Jay and Larry Hammond from Marty Hammond; Covid-19 victims from Russ and Barbara Hodgkins; Bev Major from Jenny Holan; Walt and Pat Jennison from Janet Manzolillo and Linda Jennison; Richard Taylor from Bobbi and John Kilburn; Bill LaCour from Alicia LaCour; Jamie Charles Latham from Alison Latham; Kelly Harrison from Lori Larue; Beverly B. Major from Randy Major and Yesenia and David Major; Richard Taylor and Kevin Shrader from Richard Michelman; Richard “Dick” Morse from Ruth Morse and John and Diane O’Brien; Alfred Pucci from Norma Pucci; Joan Smidutz from David and MaryJo Robbin; Janet L. Young from Francis Rogenski; Karen Augusta from Bob Ross; Charlie Edson from Joyce A. Sullivan; Justin Beebe from Montana Wildland Fire Fighter Ally Talbot; Frank Walter from Karen Walter; and Marie Wright from Ann Wright.

In loving memory of Phyllis Anderson from Walt and Cilla Allbee, Steve Anderson and Jacquie Walker, Spaulding and Kandace Bisbee, Nancy Dalzell, Abigail Golde, Ruth Grandy, Hugh and Betty Haggerty, Jill Anderson Kimber, Lori Larue, Louise Luring, John Mistretta, Kathleen Pirruccello, Pete and Patty Stickney, and Karen Walter.

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