Venissa White explains area Hub program on Spotlight

LUDLOW, Vt. – During a recent episode of Spotlight on Okemo Valley TV, Venissa White, after school program director for Twin Rivers Supervisory Union, explained the newly created Hub program.

The Hub program, initiated by Gov. Scott to help students and their parents with learning remotely, is currently being held Wednesday in the Black River High School building. Areas covered by the program include Mount Holly, Ludlow, Chester, Cavendish, and Andover. The program is designed to enable students in the various TRSU schools who are involved in remote teaching situations to have a place where they can do some of their school assignments, enjoy the company of others socially distanced, and have the opportunity to play. Transportation and snacks are provided for most students.

While the program began as a state initiative, once started it is totally managed by TRSU. Since the program is premised on school teaching policies, changes in those policies due to Covid-19 may require changes in the scheduled days for the Hub program. White indicated that the regular after school programs of TRSU are still active.

The entire Spotlight program may be viewed at Okemo Valley TV’s website at

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