Tree of Remembrance Okemo Valley Women’s Club

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Tree of Remembrance campaign will soon be coming to a close. We thank all who have contributed. This supports our scholarship fund, which is given to a deserving senior from Mount Holly, Ludlow, Cavendish, or Proctorville. The scholarship is for a student who will be attending a trade school, nursing school, or a two-year college.

Send donations to Fran Derlinga, P.O. Box 229, Plymouth, VT 05056. Make checks payable to GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club with a list of names you would like remembered.

The following are a list names to date: Ed and Mary Agustasgus, Autovino family, Adam Autovino, Joseph Autovino, Salvadore Autovino, Helen Ballard, Oscar and Nellie Beckman, Harley and Ida Bragg, Harold and May Bragg, Peter Connor, Ellsworth and Dorothy Davis, Roy Davis, Roy and Leta Davis, Thomas and Frances Dempsie, Deluca family, Derlinga family, Richard Dodd, Maurice Doucette, Suzette Durgin, Elsie and John Geberth Sr., Donald Giery, Elaine Garland, Stan and Ethel Grandfield, Brenda Gregory, Carmine Gunica, Nick Gulli, Doug Haskell, Leta Hudgings, Brian Hodgeman, Charlie Hughes, Pat Liao, Anna and William Luhrs, Irene and Joseph Lorrain, Donna Imler, Jack Kemp, Olive Kingsbury, Tina Koye, George and Violet Matulonis, Iggy Matulonis, Don Moore, Mary Moore, Aaron W. Mc Nabb, George and Rose MacIntinyre, Russell Maimone, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. McLean Sr., Eben and Clara Merrill family, Anna McKinney, Judson and Virginia Nelson, Ernest and Melba Noll, Emma Noll, Peter Noyes, Lana Parks, Ellen Parrish, Sandra Prokop, Gary Pollendar, Gardner and Laura Ripley, Leon and Mary Shabott, Allyn and Helen Seward, Kelley Sanderson, George Shaw, Bernard and Shirley Snow, Deryl Stowell, Dan Sullivan, Carl Trick, Marilyn Trick, Terri Tabshey, Paul and Pauline Tyler, Parents of Andrea Whitman, and VanTassell family.

Our Bake & Appetizer sale scheduled for Feb. 12 has been canceled.

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