Springfield Town Library expands their services

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – The Springfield Town Library has expanded its “Library of Things” collection and your library card is the ticket to them all.

Friends of Springfield Town Library continues to help the library’s cardholders by purchasing passes for you to get discounted or free admission to a variety of places – you can take a swim at Edgar May or visit Hildene. Visit www.springfieldtownlibrary.org for information on all available passes. We thank our wonderful Friends group for their continual support of the library.

New to our circulating collection are items to help families stay safely entertained at home. There are 18 board games ready right now for check out. Thanks again to FOSTL for helping us grow this collection. Games that were previously only available for in-library use will soon be added. We also have a variety of electronic games, called launchpads, for children and adults. Take your pick and put one or more on hold. Just call for an appointment to come in to browse, or we can meet you curbside or at our door.

In addition to the games, there are 50 jigsaw puzzles for your family to explore to stay busy all winter. Library staff have even put the picture of each puzzle in the online catalog so you can reserve the exact one you want.

Library patrons can borrow a small handheld moisture meter to test firewood at home to make sure it is dry enough to burn safely and efficiently. Burning firewood that has not been dried properly makes it more expensive to heat a home and causes poor air quality. You can do your part to keep Vermont’s air clean by using the moisture meter, provided by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation and Vermont Department of Libraries.

Each month Adult Services Coordinator Tracey Craft plans a craft program. This month’s mason jar lantern requires the use of a glue gun. The library now has 12 glue gun kits that can be borrowed, whether you are doing the craft with Tracey or just crafting on your own.

The Springfield Town Library will continue to expand the items available in its “Library of Things” collection. If you have a specific suggestion, please reach out to us. Call 802-885-3108 or email stlib@vermontel.net to share your thoughts.

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