Springfield Boxing has a champion

Springfield Boxing Club member and recent Boston National Masters Tournament champion Joshua Plausteiner. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – From Oct. 20-21, Waltham, Mass., hosted the annual Boston National Masters Tournament, which was attended by boxers not only from New England, but also from Texas, Oregon, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Canada. This is a tournament that allows boxers over 35 years of age to compete. Springfield Boxing Club sent their boxer, Joshua Plausteiner, who won the title in the 203 pounds weight category.

Not only Joshua, but also his two sons Zeb and Angelo, are members of the Springfield Boxing Club, and they have also achieved success in sports competitions. All of them are dedicated boxers with strong determination, and they show how the sport can bring a family together and bring joy to their relationships. Once again, it has been confirmed that boxers from Springfield can successfully compete with the best boxers in New England – for example, at the beginning of October, Ben Gray finished second in the New England Championship. We invite new enthusiasts of this beautiful sport to join our club.

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