South Windsor County forester discusses EAB crisis in area

LUDLOW, Vt. – A recent Zoom meeting of the Regional EAB Resource Committee featured a comprehensive presentation by Hannah Dallas, the Southern Windsor County forester.

Her discussion centered on the current status of EAB in the area and steps public and private landowners can take to deal with the crisis. Dallas stressed the need for local governments to understand the nature of the crisis and the need to inventory public lands and right-of-ways. She emphasized the need for planning at the local level since the burden of dealing with the EAB infestation will lie with local governments for public properties.

She also emphasized the need for private property owners with ash trees to anticipate the need to examine their trees for traces of EAB. Dallas noted that she was prepared to offer assistance to them in determining what course of action they should take in dealing with any EAB infestation on their properties.

The entire presentation has been recorded by Okemo Valley TV and may be seen on its website at REREC Chairman Ralph Pace indicated he would also be available to help landowners at 802-228-7239.

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