Senior Solutions thanks Mascoma Bank for grant

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Mascoma Bank has awarded a $5,500 grant to Senior Solutions to help fund our Strategic Plan to Support Healthy Aging in Southeastern Vermont. This grant will go a long way as we adapt to the current conditions and needs of our older population.

Thanks to Mascoma Bank, we will be able to reach more people and provide creative assistance that will enable them to access healthy living options like 3Squares, fuel assistance, health insurance, caregiver support, and many other benefits. Nutrition is only a piece of the puzzle. Many isolated aging Vermonters are lonely. This condition can add to poor health outcomes. We have been very flexible in redesigning and implementing our volunteer visitor services. The funds from Mascoma Bank will help us continue to develop and deliver more ways of connecting and serving our older adult population.

We are always searching to find ways to keep aging adults healthy and in the home of their choice. Thanks to generous partners like Mascoma Bank, our job just got easier.

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