Senior Solutions recognizes National Family Caregivers Month

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – National Family Caregivers Month is celebrated in November. There are a multitude of issues surrounding family caregiving. During the month of November, here at Senior Solutions, we want to recognize and honor family members who are delivering care to their loved ones. Not everyone understands the amount of sacrifice caregivers experience as they commit to spending hours a day watching and caring for family members. They deserve support and recognition in their communities.

Senior Solutions can provide assistance and resources to family caregivers. How?

One way is through the development of Memory Cafés where caregivers and their loved ones can gather for mutual support, information, and social interaction. It is also an opportunity for us to learn from them about what they need and how we can structure the cafés to work well for them.

Another way is the Volunteer Respite Program Development. We will soon have trained volunteers who will be able to offer their time to be in the home so family caregivers can take a much-needed break.

Senior Solutions also has two respite grants for caregivers, the Dementia Respite Grant and the National Family Caregiver Support Grant. These grants offer financial assistance to eligible unpaid caregivers to provide relief from caregiving responsibilities.

Check our website at for links to valuable educational resources and support groups for caregivers.

Please call our Help Line for more information at 802-885-2669 or 1-866-673-8376.

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