Rockingham Recycling reminds residents to obtain Access Stickers

ROCKINGHAM, Vt. – The Rockingham Recycling Center reminds residents and non-residents that Access Stickers are required to enter the Center on Route 5, south of Bellows Falls. Access Stickers for 2023 will be available June 1, 2022 and can be obtained at the Rockingham Town Clerk’s Office and at the Recycling Center cashier building.

Rockingham residents and non-resident property owners who pay taxes in Rockingham are entitled to two access stickers, free of charge. Additional access stickers will be available for a fee. Replacement stickers, required because of vehicle accident or windshield replacement, can be obtained at no cost, but proof of loss is required. Proof of residency will be required when obtaining stickers. Each vehicle must have an Access Sticker displayed on the front vehicle windshield. If a sticker is not displayed, you will be asked to obtain a sticker before using the facility.

The Access Stickers are required to access the facility even if you are only leaving recyclables. The only exception to this is for those who are leaving electronic recycling items. The operating costs for the Center are funded by the Town of Rockingham and its taxpayers.

Peter Golec, Selectboard Chair, noted it was not unreasonable for Rockingham to assess an Access Sticker fee for users from other towns to help pay for running the facility, as is the practice at other town’s facilities. Golec reminds all users that even if you have an Access Sticker displayed, you must pay for disposal of household trash, appliances, and other items. There is no charge for items going into the recycle container. Current trash fees are for white trash bags, 30-gallon bags, and heavy-duty contractor bags. If you have more than four bags, you will be required to use the scales. Construction and demolition debris will be charged by the pound, weighed on a scale. We strongly encourage the use of trash tickets for trash disposal.

Cash is not accepted at the trash compactor. Trash compactor attendants do not have change and will not accept cash. The Town of Rockingham appreciates your cooperation.

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