Purple traps for emerald ash borer removed in Ludlow

Bob Brandt removes an emerald ash borer purple trap
Bob Brandt removes an emerald ash borer purple trap. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – In keeping with the flight habits of the emerald ash borer, the ash tree predator that has destroyed millions of ash trees in the country, Bob Brandt removes one of the “purple traps” used to capture adult EAB beetles. EAB was first located in Vermont in early 2018 in Orange.

As of now, 11 different locations in Vermont host infestations by EAB. The latest locations detected are in Londonderry, Springfield, and Rockingham areas. It is principally carried by firewood distribution. While the four purple traps set up in Ludlow have shown no signs of EAB, it is only a matter of time before they infest Ludlow’s many ash trees. Brandt is heading a team that is conducting an inventory of Ludlow ash trees. He indicated that he could use additional help in conducting the inventory of the ash trees in all public places in Ludlow, especially right-of-way areas. He may be reached through Ludlow Town Hall at 802-228-2841.

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