MOOver resumes Medicaid transportation services

MOOver will resume Medicaid transit in Windham and southern Windsor counties
MOOver will resume Medicaid transportation in Windham and southern Windsor counties. Photo provided

ROCKINGHAM, Vt. – The MOOver will resume providing Medicaid transportation to qualified clients in southern Windsor County starting March 1, 2021. The MOOver resumed Medicaid transportation in Windham County Feb. 1, 2021.

In January 2018 the MOOver withdrew from the Medicaid program, and services in southern Windsor County were maintained by Marble Valley Regional Transit District. Services in Windham County were maintained by Green Mountain Community Network.

These rides are for non-emergency medical transportation only, such as rides to the doctor’s, pharmacy, opioid treatments, adult day care, dialysis, and cancer care. There are roughly 2,000 riders in Windham and southern Windsor counties who qualify for Medicaid transportation. This region is the third largest in the state, behind only Chittenden County and the northern Vermont.

The MOOver’s transition back into Medicaid follows nine months of planning and coordination with the Vermont Public Transportation Association, the Vermont Agency of Transportation, and the two bus companies mentioned above. “We are grateful for all the support through this transition from VPTA, VTrans, GMCN, and MVRTD,” said Randy Schoonmaker, MOOver CEO. “We will be able to combine ride requests with our other programs to hopefully make Medicaid transportation as efficient as possible.”

Medicaid clients can call Monday through Friday, from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. toll-free 1-888-869-6287 or 802-460-7433.

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