Ludlow Rotary hears from Dr. Linda Thomson

Dr. Linda Thomson. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – The May 3 luncheon meeting of the Ludlow Rotary Club featured Dr. Linda Thomson speaking to Rotarians and guests. Her topic was, “Changing old mumpsimus to new sumpsimus,” or, hanging onto old beliefs even in the light of new scientific research. She was referring to the scientifically proven positive effects of medically overseen hypnotism. Dr. Thomson is internationally recognized as an expert in Hypnosis for Health and Healing and Hypnovations as a Nurse Practitioner.

Dr. Thomson said that Hollywood and stage hypnotists, who have people doing ridiculous things, have given hypnosis a bad name. She talked about the fact that brain connections between actions and reactions in the body are linked, as can now be shown with various brain scans. She demonstrated a couple of those connections with volunteers.

Dr. Thomson reported that hypnosis can work well to reduce anxiety or speed patient recovery from surgery, among many other clinical applications. It is used for weight loss, smoking cessation, and habit changes, such as reducing nail biting. Rotarians had many questions for Dr. Thomson, asking her to return for more discussion.

In other business, the Rotary Club inducted Carol Lighthouse, Director of the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce as its newest member. Anyone interested in learning more about joining Rotary is invited to contact Kevin Barnes, Membership Chairman at 802-228-8877 to receive an invitation to a meeting.


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