Ludlow Recreation fall update

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Ludlow Recreation Committee continues to organize its efforts around upgrading amenities such as Dorsey Park and West Hill Recreation Facility. Last spring, the Town voted $25,000 to be budgeted into dredging and re-sanding the beach. Despite the summer coming to its end, this project is still a priority for the Committee to complete within this fiscal year as it is designated for. This individual project fits into a larger plan to rejuvenate West Hill, which would also see the parking lot and basketball courts repaved and repainted.

As for Dorsey Park, it too is in need of upgrades in certain areas. As one of the most regularly visited outdoor facilities in the Town’s Recreation department, it draws many families in. The soccer field is a crowning glory, still hosting visiting soccer tournaments featuring many of the town’s own youths at times; and the tennis courts just received short-term maintenance so players can continue to enjoy the season. The Skatepark Sub-Committee is also plugging away to draft a comprehensive renewal plan. It is the aim of the Ludlow Rec Committee to refresh all of these features at Dorsey so the park as a whole is a cohesive and quality community rallying locale.

Lastly, progress is also still advancing for Mountain Biking to be located on the Back 40 behind Ludlow Elementary School and the Expeditionary School. This too will offer a diverse outdoor recreation location. Existing features such as the ropes course had tree removal work done for safety, and the LES Forest Friday Program will remain. Plans are to work around these two and develop a beginner track and pump track for Phase I, and to develop two to three more advanced trails within the coming years. Mountain Biking has exploded in Vermont over the years, and it is a resource which will help expand the community. A Vermont Mountain Biking Association local chapter has already been formed, aptly christened LAST for Ludlow Area Sport Trails to honor a number of possible outdoor activities it will provide. As with West Hill and Dorsey Park, the Back 40 offers a multitude of activities that add to the experience of living in a beautiful environment.

With all of in this mind, it is clear there is a lot to do still. But, with a devoted group and dedicated Rec Director, as well as an attentive community, the goal to rejuvenate these resources is attainable. The support from the Town is greatly appreciated; there will be separate fundraising required to contribute to costs as prices invariably fluctuate. Stay tuned for these details, signage with further information of plans and how to support will be available at these locales in the very near future.

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