LTE: Deborah Velto on Mary Krueger for Schoolboard

Dear Editor,


I have known Mary Krueger for most of the 15 years I have lived in Vermont. We have raised our children together in this town together, and I have always appreciated her commitment to our town. I am so thrilled to see her running as a candidate for Springfield School Board.

Mary has so much to offer our community, but what stands out to me the most is her dedication to our schools and our larger community. Mary is an active part of our community, and she and her family patronize Springfield businesses, participate in community improvement efforts, and are active supporters of our schools. Because of this, she is acutely aware and involved in the work and continued conversations around helping our schools evolve and becoming more inclusive and safe environments. As a parent of a Springfield student, she is also invested in improving our school outcomes, reputation, and internal climate.

Mary also brings a wealth of professional knowledge and experience that will benefit our school. Her work as an attorney for New Hampshire Legal Assistance has given her experience helping low income members of the community with issues like housing, income maintenance, youth law, health law, and safety. As the families in our community are facing many of these same issues, I am confident she will have both the professional knowledge and understanding of these issues and how they impact our community’s most vulnerable people. Through her work, she is also acutely aware of the issues facing women and minorities in our area, and is actively involved in supporting these populations through her work. I am confident that she possesses both the empathy and the mediation skills to help our community grow, and to help our schools improve and make decisions around being welcoming and positive places for our students and families.

I urge you to support Mary Krueger for Springfield School board. As an educator and a fellow Springfield parent, I know that Mary possesses the knowledge, skills, and the heart that will make her a positive instrument for change in our schools. Please vote for Mary Krueger and help our town and schools continue the work of moving forward toward a brighter future.



Deborah Velto

Springfield, Vt.

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