Huge success of Springfield Boxing Club

Pictured from left to right Coach Bob Obdrzalek, Angelo Plausteiner, Ben Gray, Coach John Hall. Photo provided.

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – The Springfield Boxing Club has achieved great success on Jan. 21 in Somersworth, N.H.

Benjamin Gray and Angelo Plausteiner participated in the prestigious Northern New England Golden Gloves tournament, both Springfield Boxing Club boxers under the direction of coaches Bob Obdrzalek and John Hall.

Benjamin, a law school student (Special Novice 165 pound class) led an even match that ended by a split decision in favor of his opponent.

The biggest surprise of the evening, however, was the match between our Angelo Plausteiner and Hunter Johnson from Maine. The entire arena went silent when they came to their match. In the red corner, Angelo (200 pounds) stepped up for his first ever match in his life. In the blue corner, Hunter (280 pounds) the 176-plus New England Silver Gloves 2022 Champion. At first glance, Angelo seemed to have no chance. Angelo put on an outstanding performance, using his intelligence and speed to take a well-deserved victory over his opponent, who weighed 80 pounds more. Angelo did so well that he was named the best boxer of the entire tournament. This is a unique case of a boxer making history on his debut as the best boxer of the tournament. He received a special plaque to commemorate this performance. This plaque for the best boxer of the tournament is an award for the whole Springfield Boxing Club, which has received such an honor for the fifth time.

Both Angelo and Ben are proof that perseverance and great diligence are the keys to success. Coaches Bob Obdrzalek and John Hall are very proud of their boxers and invite other young people to join them and come to the gym.


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