HCRS helps bring winter clothing to Vermonters in need

SPRINGFIELD, Vt.Health Care and Rehabilitation Services recently announced the results of a successful campaign to support Vermonters in need of winter clothing. A total of $9,395 was raised to provide warm clothing to their clients as well as community members across Windsor and Windham counties.

According to George Karabakakis, Ph.D., HCRS CEO, “The cold, winter months can be challenging for us all; however, for those with limited resources and a lack of warm clothing, it can be especially difficult to endure the cold temperatures safely.”

Numerous staff and two business partners joined HCRS’s campaign to bring winter boots, hats, gloves, jackets, and other warm clothing to people without these basic necessities. One hundred percent of all donations are being used to purchase gift cards to online outdoor apparel stores, which are offered to community members identified by HCRS staff in need of warm clothing.

HCRS is very thankful to have received sponsorships for matching donations from two of their valued business partners – Frank Therrien & CDH Technology Solutions, $2,000, and The Richards Group, $1,000. HCRS employees generously gave a total of almost $4,000. Their contributions were matched by the corporate sponsorships and HCRS.

“Thank you for the leadership that HCRS demonstrated with this program and congratulations on the wonderful result they achieved by providing warm winter clothing to Vermonters throughout our region,” commented Ben Taggard, principal at The Richards Group. “We are very fortunate to live and work in an area where organizations like HCRS help further our sense of community.”

Therrien adds, “We’re just very glad to be able to help those in the HCRS community who are in need.”

Karabakakis states, “We’re so thankful for the matching gifts from our two business partners that helped us achieve this significant support for our communities. I would also like to thank the following staff for their generous support: Dr. Kathleen Allden, Daniel Arseneau, Richard Bauer, Anne Bilodeau, Lindsey Boulter, Dr. Paul Boutin, Alice Bradeen, Kelly Brown, Laura Bryant-Willams, Julia Burakian, Cheryl Cavanagh, Laura Corbet, Curt Fields, Lesa Hinkley, Stephen Jurentkuff, Brooke Kearney, Kate Lamphere, Hal Moore, Rosie Nevins-Alderfer, Erin Nichols, Jessica Robinson, Warren Sergeant, Linda Simoneaux, Kait Skogstad, Jennifer Smith, Rhett Sorensen, Danielle Southwell, and Jessica Stehle.”

The agency has been distributing the donations throughout the winter months and expects to have 100% of the donations in the hands of Vermonters in need within the next few weeks.

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