Firewood moisture meter loan program at Rockingham Library

Borrow the mositure meter at Rockingham Library
Borrow the mositure meter at Rockingham Library. Stock photo

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Borrow a moisture meter from Rockingham Library today. A moisture meter is the most reliable way to determine which wood in a woodpile is ready to burn. Every Vermonter knows that burning wet wood is a waste of money and energy. Wood burns most efficiently when the moisture content is between 15-20%. Green wood can have a moisture content of over 50%. Dry wood burns hotter, more efficiently, and produces less smoke than wet wood. The Vermont Department of Environmental Science’s Air Quality & Climate Division in partnership with the Department of Libraries is launching this moisture meter loan project at 50 public libraries, including Rockingham Library.

Anyone with a Rockingham Library card can borrow this meter. Library cards are free to Rockingham residents, taxpayers, and WNESU students and teachers. This includes all residents in Rockingham, Bellows Falls, Saxtons River, Bartonsville, Brockway Mills, and Cambridgeport. Non-resident cards are available for purchase for those that live outside of Rockingham.

For more information about borrowing the moisture meter or applying for a library card, email, call the library at 802-463-4270, or go to

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