E-Bike Lending Library comes to Springfield

Springfield Lending Library E-Bikes. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Local Motion’s Satellite E-Bike Lending Library is now in Springfield, Vt. Borrowers are able to check out an e-bike from the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center for multi-day loans to find out how these bikes can replace car trips and transform their daily transportation needs.

Edgar May Health and Recreation Center Executive Director Christian Craig stated, “We are extremely excited to partner with Local Motion to bring this opportunity to the greater Springfield region. The E-Bike Lending Library will allow area residents to test ride two different models and see how they can incorporate an e-bike into their daily lives whether for commuting, recreation, or fun.”

The fleet includes two standard commuter bikes, both with an electric pedal assist that helps riders get around with less effort and scale hills that previously seemed impossible.

E-bikes are a transportation option that is becoming more familiar and necessary, and the goal of this program is to introduce Vermonters to how they can be incorporated into everyday life and replace car trips. From commuting to work to picking up groceries and carrying kids to school, e-bikes provide an extra boost of power that makes miles feel shorter and cargo feel lighter.

To reserve an e-bike head to www.webreserv.com/springfielde-bikelendinglibraryvt. Contact the EdgarMay with any questions at info@edgarmay.org or 802-885-2568.


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