Cheshire County offering rain garden assistance

WALPOLE, N.H. – Are you interested in protecting your local streams, lakes, and rivers through gardening? Have you considered installing a rain garden but need more advice and resources to make the project possible?

The Cheshire County Conservation District is excited to continue their partnership with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services’ Soak Up the Rain Program, for a rain garden program in Cheshire County. Cheshire County residents can now request technical assistance with the possibility of a site visit, in advance of applying to the Conservation Opportunity Fund.

The Conservation Opportunity Fund’s mission is to provide funding for owners of small tracts of land who are interested in improving the wildlife habitat on their property.

For assistance in completing the technical assistance request form, or for additional information contact or call 603-756-2988 x3011.

Grant application materials will be made available on Nov. 1, 2022. Throughout the late summer and fall, we encourage Cheshire County residents to reach out to CCCD with any interest in Rain Garden installation and funding support through the Conservation Opportunity Fund.

This is an opportunity to get one-on-one technical assistance and see if a rain garden is a good fit for your property and protecting local surface waters. Seeking advanced technical assistance from Soak Up the Rain N.H. will help Cheshire County residents in writing a compelling Conservation Opportunity Fund application to receive grant dollars for installing a rain garden.

More information about the rain garden program can be found at More information about the Conservation Opportunity Fund can be found at

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