Ballard-Hobart American Legion Post 36 awards 2021 scholarships

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Ballard-Hobart American Legion Post 36 announced the following scholarship awards to area students:

  • Ballard-Hobart Post 36 Award of $2,000 to Aislynn Kelley,
  • VFW 10155 Award of $2,000 to Hope Kelley,
  • Charles D. Baitz Memorial Award of $1,000 to Graeffin Anderson,
  • Edwin O’Conner Jr. Memorial Award of $1,000 to Hailey Pierce,
  • John Tapper Memorial Award of $1,000 to Erik Heitsmith,
  • Center for Veterans Health Memorial Award of $1,000, in memory of SGT Robert Almasy and CPL Kenneth Defenbaugh, to Jack Boyle,
  • Ashley Newman Memorial Award of $500 to Rosalee Saccardo,
  • and, Paula Seal Memorial Award of $500 to Sadie Kobak.
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